Evening Report dated 13th Dec 17

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The markets whipsawed today. They opened below yesterday lows and went up and tested the highs of the auction range of yesterday. But what looked like a Double distribution in the making flipped around in the afternoon session and sellers came back aggressively to close the market at the lows in a Neutral Extreme. 

Weekly hypos for the week dated 11th Dec- 15th Dec ( spot prices)

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From last week’s post here- http://vtrender.com/weekly-hypos-week-dated-04th-dec-08th-dec-spot-prices/  “we know that for the leg of this uptrend from 7900, no major correction has been more than 490 points. So from the pivot highs of 10490 seen in Nov, an equivalent drop will still put support near this 10040 mark reconfirming the balance highs  we know there”   Last week […]

Evening Report dated 08th Dec 17

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The No demand seen in the Trend Day of Thursday profile and which had aggressive sellers into the rise was followed up by a P shaped Profile indicative of a short covering run as sellers selling into the strength of Thursday were forced to cover their positions straight off the open. So we have a […]

Evening Report dated 06th Dec 17

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The auction at the open today was an anti-climax to the move seen late yesterday but noticeable immediately was the lack of demand in the Micro balance of 10100- 10125 F. Unlike yesterday where we saw a lot of buying in this balance resulting in the upmove later in the day, the open of today in the same MB […]

Evening Report dated 05th Dec 17

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The auction at the open today was Initiative and driving lower but was met with aggressive responsive buying who pushed the index back to day highs and managed an extension to yesterday VAH also where we saw another sharp round of responsive selling. The close was good and managed to hold 10120F and if it […]

Evening Report dated 04th Dec 17

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We spoke in our last post on the evidence given by the Nifty on lack of selling below Friday lows and the same was seen in today’s auction as the Nifty returned to the expected balance. Visible in the OrderFlow of the day was also a sharp responsive buying in the BankNifty which should it […]

Evening Report dated 01st Dec 17

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The first day of the new series saw the market not holding the Settlement inventory price of 10277 F and a sharp slide when the Nov Future lows of 10220 F broke. We have seen this market turn around in the past 2 sessions below the FA point but there was evidence on Friday at […]

Evening Report dated 30th Nov 17

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On settlement day the Nifty November Futures broke below the pivot of 10330 F and trended 100 points lower to close near 10226F. The series of November concluded with a vwap at 10330 spot and the highest volumes in the series were traded at 10440 spot. In the BankNifty vwap of the Nov series was […]

Evening Report dated 29th Nov 17

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The NF opened within the profile of the previous session but there was visible selling pressure mounting through the day. The sellers managed to have a close at the day lows and the Failed Auction point of 10352 today. However, there was a pickup in demand at the close and should point to higher levels […]