And the Winner is

In the End, the bears managed to keep the gains from yesterday afternoon and denied the bulls a close at the upper end in an other wise bullish series,


The Close at 5483 was exactly the value high for the series and posted in this chart this morning :  Feb series


I want to thank all of you for taking the time to participate and give your views.


We had several entries we received at this link :


We also had several responses to the mailer we sent out about the same.


We had Justin who came very close to the final closing figure by giving his view as 5488.


But amongst the emails we received, we have a winner who called the closing price to the exact point.


His entry for the contest was 5483 and he is our winner for this expiry Contest.


His name is Sandip Pal and he sent in his entry as Sandy .


Congratulations to you !. You will receive the welcome kit to one month with us at Vtrender Live on Saturday.


For those of you who didn't make it , there's always another series waiting to expire soon. Smiley