The Greeks: A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Option Prices

3 1 The Greeks: A Beginner'S Guide To Understanding Option Prices Greeks

Options: A powerful tool for managing risk and generating profit Options are a powerful tool that can be used to manage risk and generate profit. They give the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset at a specified price on or before a specified date. This means that […]

Delta Neutral vs. Gamma Neutral: Exploring Advanced Hedging Strategies in Options Trading

Nifty Options Strike Spectrum Charts — Mozilla Firefox 2023 07 26 At 7.13.51 Pm Delta Neutral Vs. Gamma Neutral: Exploring Advanced Hedging Strategies In Options Trading Gamma Hedges

Delta Neutral Vs. Gamma Neutral Risk management serves as the backbone of successful trading, particularly in derivatives like options where market volatility can substantially influence profits and losses. Two prevalent hedging strategies in this context are the Delta Neutral and Gamma Neutral strategies. Despite both being used to manage risk, the latter is often perceived […]

Gamma Dynamics in Options Trading: A Deep Dive into Long and Short Gamma

Nifty Options Strikewise Gamma Charts — Mozilla Firefox 2023 07 26 At 6.28.54 Pm 750X410 1 Gamma Dynamics In Options Trading: A Deep Dive Into Long And Short Gamma Gamma

Gamma Dynamics in Options Trading Options trading can be an exciting realm for ​traders seeking a blend of risk management and potential for high returns. One essential concept in the world of options trading is “Gamma.” Today, we’ll be exploring the intriguing dynamics of long gamma and short gamma positions, and how big money managers use the […]

Mastering Volume Profile Trading: Understanding HVNs and LVNs in the NSE FnO

Screenshot 2023 03 23 At 19 12 27 Mp Charts 1 1 Mastering Volume Profile Trading: Understanding Hvns And Lvns In The Nse Fno #Hvnandlvn, #Nsefno, #Priceaction, #Supportandresistance, #Technicalanalysis, #Tradingeducation, #Tradingstrategy, #Tradingtips, #Volumeprofile, Marketprofile

“Unlock the power of Volume Profile trading in the NSE FnO market with this comprehensive guide. Discover the significance of HVNs and LVNs, learn how price reacts around these key levels, and gain valuable insights to enhance your trading strategy. Explore practical tips and techniques to master this essential tool and elevate your trading performance.”

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Example Video- Mentoring room support in market hours

Here is an example video of how we trade a market live with the information from the MarketProfile and the Orderflow. A record of trade from 2912 as we moved from a negative bias and buying puts to a positive bias and buying calls based on the information from markets. Markets change behaviour and the […]

Mid Month report

Mid Oct Report Mid Month Report

We are on trac We are on track for a good October series. Our trades and setups have worked fine and we should be able to finish October on a very strong note The Market Volatility got to us in the last week of September and we surrendered some gains to the market A running […]

Making sense Sept 2022

Tradesheet Sep2022 Making Sense Sept 2022

Sept was a volatile month and nifty dropped 4% in Sept in 2 way swings. We started sept well but lost on some trades and could finish at 3.9% Here is a breakdown of all the trades we took in Sept. as the market got volatile we reduced allocation to trade and set it at […]

Making sense Aug 2022

Tradesheet Aug2022 Making Sense Aug 2022

AUG was one of the better trading months @Vtrender . Our win % was at 68% and our traders could make returns of 10.53% on their capital Here is a detailed breakdown of all the trades taken through Aug Sending trades is just 10% of what we do at Vtrender. Vtrender is a mentorship program […]