Evening Report dated 12th Oct 17

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The auction on Thursday turned the tables back on the bears and went past the session highs of yesterday in the Nifty. The Banknifty managed to auction back to the scene of the crime at 23390. In the process, the Nifty went past and closed above the Failed auction point of 10084 seen yesterday.

To understand the short-term nature of the auction see our weekly Market profile report- http://vtrender.com/weekly-hypos-week-dated-09th-oct-13th-oct-spot-prices/

Nifty Oct F:




  • The NF Open was an OAIR
  • The day type was a Normal Variation Day
  • The Failed auction at 10084 was visited and we closed higher.
  • The auction is also a spike from 10066 to 10117
  • Initiative buying at 10066 was countered by responsive selling closer to 10110.
  • Vwap of the session was at 10047 with Volumes of 86.9 L in a session which traded a High-Low range of 10117-9995 for 122 points.
  • The trend day vwap of 27/09 is at 9844 F and at  10066 F for 22/09.
  • The vwap of the Sept series is at 9942 spot. The POC is at 10144
  • Value areas are at 10078-10035-9996- for the next session.
  • Support is placed at 10076 in tomorrow’s session with resistance at 10138


Hypos for the next  session: ( Prices are Oct F) 


  • **Bullish Hypo: Above 10138 longs for 10158
  • **Bearish Hypo: Below 10075 shorts for 10036
  • ** Neutral Range: 10085-10116


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BNF Oct F:




  • The BNF Open was an OTD
  • The Day type was a Normal Variation day
  • Vwap of the day was at 24180 with Volumes of 35.2 L and a High – Low of 24419-24005 for a range of 414 points.
  • The vwap at 24602 of 22/09 is the 2 supply points. 24066 from 27/09 is now crossed and is a support zone.
  • On 02/08 we have a failed auction at 25260 F which has not been visited and is now a supply point.
  • The vwap of Sept  series  is at 24440 spot with POC of 24357
  • The Value areas are at 24350-24150-24080 for the session next.
  • The Auction now has further support at 24240 for the next  session
  • The resistance may come around 24460

Hypos for the next  session: ( Prices are Oct F) 


  • **Bullish Hypo: above 24460 for 24520
  • **Bearish Hypo: Below 24240 for 24100
  • ** Neutral Range: 24390-24240

For tradeable ideas on these hypos and to check the OrderFlow Live visit the trading room.