Evening report trade dated 23rd Feb

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Today’s Open Drive answered this query we posed yesterday: ” The auction has to decide here to do the higher VPOC near 7320 or run down to rectify the FA at 7151. “. FA got visited as it should have in that last hour OrderFlow and we got a push back in the multi-day bracket. Spot highs of the previous session were vwap of the series also and we wait to see if the Buyers react tomorrow.





Background / Previous Auctions :

Weekly levels: We have done a review on weekly charts at: http://vtrender.com/nifty-bn-weekly-view-spot-for-22-feb-26-feb16/

#) The NF was a trend day from the POC of the previous session

#) Vwap of the session was at 7148 with volumes of 203.2 L in a session which traded a 7237-7096 range of 141 points

#) Day POC was at  7116 levels

#) The spike between 7434- 7375 remains a ref zone.

#) The FA at 7151 has been visited and the market closed below it.

#) Value areas are at  7172-7116-7100– for the session tomorrow. For using value areas effectively visit:http://vtrender.com/popular-market-profile-trading-setups/

#) Discl – When we mention Buyers/ Sellers we point to and infer aggressive players.



K.R.A is 7320 Feb F ( K.R.A= key reference area) 

and the trend has gone sideways again.



Background/ Previous Auctions :

Weekly levels: For Banknifty we have updated a spot auction view with a chart at: http://vtrender.com/nifty-bn-weekly-view-spot-for-22-feb-26-feb16/

(based on Fut prices)

#) The BNF was a Trend day lower

#) vwap of the session was at 14104 with volumes of 42.1 L in a session which traded a 14361-13952 range of 410 points

#) day POC was at 14016 levels 

#) The excess at 14588 remains

#) The FA seen on 12/02 at 13812 has not been visited 

#) Value areas are at 14160-14016-13968 for bias. . For using value areas effectively visit: http://vtrender.com/popular-market-profile-trading-setups/


K.R.A is 14625  Feb F  ( K.R.A= key reference area)

and the trend has gone sideways again.