Participantwise Open Interest – 31st MAR 2020

FIIs added 6K long Index Futures, 6K long Index CE and 18K long Stocks Futures contracts while covering 16K short Index Futures, 2K short Index CE and 4K short Stocks Futures contracts and liquidating 4K long Index PE contracts. They were net sellers in equity segment for ₹3045 crore.
Clients have added 9K short Index Futures, net 15K long Index CE, net 17K long Index PE and 2K long Stocks Futures conracts besides liquidating 14K long Index Futures and covering 3K short Stocks Futures contracts.
Nifty APR shed 4176 contracts in Open Interest, Banknifty APR shed 869 contracts.


Daily changes in FII Open Interest 


Daily changes in Client Open Interest 


Daily changes in Prop’s Open Interest 


Daily changes in DII Open Interest 


Daily changes in Index Future OI of all participants


Total Nifty/Banknifty OI and daily OI changes


Latest participantwise derivative ownership in %


FII Index Future exposure & Nifty – 2020


Nifty Spot & Current Month Future Open Interest

Banknifty Spot & Current Month Future Open Interest

Net equity investments (2014-2020)
FIIs were net sellers in equity segment during March 2020 for ₹65816 crore, highest monthly net selling figure since 2014.