Levels and Plan for 28th Feb

Ahead of the special budget session the bull reversed the expiry trade and took the Nifty back over feb vwap and just at the 8840 close we tracked all Feb. It remains an Open session tomorrow with sentiment as trigger but we will still watch price n volume action at key price points highlighted below

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Levels and Plan for 24th Feb

We broke away to imbalance in the second part of the session today on sustained trading below last week’s POC at 8875 F. The market closed in imbalance with anomaly at 8726 as the only remaining support ahead of a possible long liquidation we have been pointing out below 8726

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Levels and Plan for 23rd Feb

Last week finished off as a perfect Gaussian curve with enough data in it to determine bias for the coming sessions which have the Expiry and the Budget in it. The ride will be interesting and  the data from the profile should help make it an easy trip to trade.

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