Market Profile analysis dated 25th Sept

The Buyers managed to get a toehold back into the auction today as they defended aggressively the region below 10950 which the sellers were trying to establish control on. There were 2 runs below 10970 twice in the day and buyers were able to push back the aggressive sellers on both occasions. They also managed a range extension above 11060 late in the session which they have to defend again tomorrow if they want to move towards 11180 and 11220 F again. A weekly outlook was updated on Saturday at –   Nifty Sept F: Intraday and swing trading view…

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Market Profile weekly outlook for the week dated 24th Sept to 28th Sept

Friday was a big down day in the Nifty and the range traded on Friday was about 485 points in a session. It made it the second biggest session after the big volatile drop of Nov 8 2016. To put that range into perspective the Nifty does an average of 480- 520 points in a month    Many people plot volume under a price bar and look at it as some kind of a confirmation indicator to what price is doing.   But when the day has already done 480 points between the highs and the lows what benefit are…

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Evening Market Profile report dated 19th Sept

We got another session which closed in imbalance today and a neutral extreme profile. One of the better ways to master Intra day Trading is to view the market from a Market Profile point of view and see who is doing a better job in the auction. There are many trading strategies involved in trading the market through a Market Profile chart and one such strategy is waiting out a neutral day profile. Such a profile can either close at the vwap or at one of the extremes of the day.   Whilst today’s profile closed at the lows, it…

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