Evening MarketProfile report dated 12th Sept

A quiet open auction which was confined closely to the IB or the first hour of the trade broke away in the last 2 hours of trade again. The bounce was expected and played out on Wednesday From the auction of the day, we get an FA at 11297 which indicated tiredness on the path of bears to extend higher. The auction was an incomplete distribution at the close and again closed in imbalance for the second straight day. The 11430 zone is the first supply point and the 11465- 11480 is supply 2 for this auction where we expect…

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Evening MarketProfile report dated 11th Sept

The Nifty was a quiet auction, for the most part, today and rotational around 11465. But in the last 2 hours, it dropped from 11465 to 11322 on good volumes. There was no responsive buying seen during the fall and bears had no trouble to drive it below 11400 which would be an early hint of much much more lower levels ahead. Our 2 objectives for short-term at 11400 and 11320 have been met and whilst the chances of a bounce tomorrow are higher, the larger auction still points to sellers selling the high levels. We see great opportunities to…

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MarketProfile charts dated 11th Sept

MarketProfile charts dated 11th Sept MarketProfile charts of the Nifty and the BankNifty Sept Futures updated to trade date 11th Sept A “market profile” presents a number of basic elements from the market in an easily understood graphic format , when analyzed properly. A trader must first learn to understand how the market works. This is a great benefit, it actually forces a trader to learn and understand the key market concepts that lead to successful trading When we think about how to measure volume in the market one of the key will be in our mind which is #MarketProfile.…

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