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Every one knows that Trading is Hard work and that is okay. Most people are willing to do the Hard Work.

But a lot of people do not realize that you need good tools to do the Hard Work

90- 95% of the people would always rely on only price dominated information for trading

Only 5-10 % of traders would depend on market generated info

When you learn to listen to what the market is telling you , there are actually only 2 things you pay attention to..



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This full course plan would show you how to interpret market behavior, read the information from price and strategize based on what the market is telling you.

Professionals trade the market, not their view of the market.



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  • One year unlimited access from anywhere.
  • Unlimited playback of all videos in the plan.
  • Accessible from multiple devices.

Our Video Lession

Training Library 1

Foundation Course

Have you made losses in your trading recently? Or not able to cross barriers?

Blame it on the methods you have been using.

In today’s data driven world of HFT and algos you need a better edge!

Training Library 2

Lesson 2

In the hard new world of Trading, Information is power and data drives everything.

Are your charts giving you the right data? 

Watch the video to see where you are placed on the information highway.

Training Library 3

Lesson 3

Either you are a trader or an investor in the Trading world of today.

What is the difference between the 2? Ans- TIME

And traders ignore TIME and continue trading. What else are you ignoring? Find out..

Training Library 4

Lesson 4

Price moves through an auction process. Sellers make offers and Buyers make bids.

But only active buyers and sellers are able to move price!

So how do you read an auction correctly and collect info? Find out..

Training Library 5

Lesson 5

The markets speaks to you  every minute of the day.

How well are you listening to the message of the market?

Training Library 6

Lesson 6

How to prepare better for the afternoon session knowing whether or not locals or OTF traded.

Training Library 7

Lesson 7

Learn to go beyond the information visible.

Challenge your self . Go Beyond.

Training Library 8

Lesson 8

An opener on Orderflow.

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