We thought you should know ! Jan 2021

Jan has closed and the markets went southwards! As did some New year Resolutions 🙂
But our trading strategies kept our noses up and onwards and the Trading Room was richer at the end of the month. Keep scrolling down to know more

Maintain the pace of 2020, Keep the Bar High

2020 was a good year for us and the challenge in the new year was to keep pushing harder and set the bar higher.

A review of 2020 performance is at – https://vtrender.com/performance-update-of-marketprofile-strategies-used-in-the-vtrender-trading-room/

We clocked 39.39 % in Jan which is the highest from Jan 2020.


Team strategies and Team work makes it come true

Here is a record of all the trades we too in January 2021. We hit 74 trades during the month with a win percentage of 73% , something we are extremely proud about. More importantly we follow a robust trade sizing programme which cuts all our losers at 1% to 1.5% on the higher side. And we allow some trades to run with the Proprietary Orderflow system we use and we often get 3 to 7% also in a Trade. On 1 particular expiry day our systems picked up a trade at only 3/- rupees and we closed it at 30/-. And it is not a 1 off method. Our room members will tell you that we do it every time. 


The keys to successful trading is not just choosing a great trade location but also applying the right size consistently. Indeed, the street is littered with examples of people who traded too less with the big trade and too heavily on the bad trade. The secret- A consistent trading size but not in the quantity of lots but as a fixed measure of the account size. We have explained it before at – https://vtrender.com/risk-management-on-calls/

The Alpha

The leader of the pack is our Orderflow system. It allows us to see which traders are winning and who are losing or “upside down” as we say in the Vtrender Trading Room. The thing about people who are “upside down” is that they do not hesitate when they rush for the exits. These people create the moves you see in the markets. Too many people think, ( and wrongly) that a new buyer or a new seller drive the markets. That is the stuff taught at YouTube universities and by gurus who never could call back the rupee they traded , back to their accounts. And the sad thing is they never would know they are wrong. If they knew they were wrong, they never would recommend it in the first place!

Turn it up!

The year is just 1 month old and 2021 is already the year of the Retail trader who will not hesitate. From Wall street to Dalal Street, we have examples of traders who are saying it and loudly – THIS CAN BE DONE ! And if you can do it so can we ! . And they are giving it back to the Big funds . This is your time too. Turn it up . Don’t let go 

Up to Speed

Well the rest of the world is just beginning , but we have been doing this for several years now. See, the truth in trading is that , you cannot actually beat the PROS in the game always. So you learn from them and trade like them and do the things they do. Frankly we have followed that philosophy for several years now. You cannot beat them always- So you join them!!

Our signature Move

We have a great system going for us now with the new Orderflow charts and the Room environment. We have explained the Orderflow at – https://youtu.be/dREsiFZc9J8

We intend to continue with is. Why change something when it is not broken. What we can do is optimise it even further and push that winning rate even higher. Onwards and upwards! Let’s get into Feb.