Position Update : 30th Sept

*** INTRA-DAY TRADES *** * Buy Bank Nifty at 12250, sl 12210, tgt 12290/ 12325. Partially booking suggested at 12270. TSL hit on remainder. Went on to hit tgt 2.* Buy Nifty 6000 CE Sept at 6. Tgt 15. No Sl Trade. Tgt done. Bank Nifty total points : + 20 points Nifty total points […]


In the markets Buyers make money, Sellers make money–it’s the pigs who get slaughtered ! Definition of a Pig : Greedy short term player, looking for small profits with big risk and no knowledge of the markets. At yesterday’s close we had mentioned that the buildup at 6000 CE which was around 24L was speculative […]

September Expiry

With one day remaining for the September series to close, the action would be around the 6000 strike in the Nifty with a total of 1.5 Cr in Combined Open interest at stake. I had mentioned last time when we covered the Open interest before expiry, that smart money tends to move to the next […]

Mid- day report ( 29/09/10)

We are seeing a trend day in the Nifty turn into maybe a double distribution day later in the afternoon. The highlight of the day so far has been the 80% rule workout in the Nifty as well as the Bank nifty. It’s amazing to see this rule work out despite the many other obstacles […]

ABGSHIP, DIVISLAB, BGRENERGY, BEML – need patience, but they will come good

Manu asked in trading room today about how to use MP for swing trades. I am sure Shai/Viren have their accurate explanations. Here is my view based on observations:1. I love stocks that are in Step-2 (the balancing step). Stocks in Step-2 are likely to give huge moves. I mean literally 2-4% in a matter […]

Position Update : 28th Sept

* Buy Nifty at 6052, sl 6028, tgt 6076/ 6086. Went upto 6062 and reversed to take stop at 6028. * Buy Bank Nifty above 12295, sl 12250, tgt 12270.Exited position at 12265 * Buy Nifty aagin at 6017, sl 5995, tgt 6030/ 6040 TSL of 6005 later suggested taken,…and Nifty went to hit tgt. […]

EOD Update 28th Sept.

I’m running late for an evening event, so I’ll post these charts only. Nifty : And the Bank Nifty. The highs of the day were near Value Area Lows from Yesterday… .

Position Update : 27th Sept

*** INTRA-DAY TRADES *** * Sell Nifty at 6078, sl 6098, tgt 6063/ 6048. Partially booked at 6072 and 6057. Went on to hit tgt 2.* Buy BEML above 1120, sl 1106, tgt 1152.Converted to BTST *Sell Piramal Health at 515.6, sl 522, tgt 508/ 500. Booked fully at 509. Bank Nifty total points : […]

EOD report 27th Sept

A quite day of trading turned volatile in the afternoon resulting in the Nifty giving up all of it’s gains made at the open. We anticipated the open up, booked our overnight longs from Friday and even took a short trade to the downside. Afterall it was a Market profile 3 I- follow up day, […]

Market outlook for 27/09/10

Nifty closed up 58.75 points (0.99%) at 6018.30 whilst Nifty September Future closed at 6034.55 premium of 16.25 points.Bank Nifty closed up 117.25 points (0.97%) at 12263.55 whilst September Future closed at 12295.65 premium of 31.1 points. FII bought in Cash (Net buy 1149.8 Crore) FII sold big in index future and stock future, bought […]