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The Vtrender Trading room specializes in Nifty and Bank Nifty futures. We have charts Of Market Profile and Order Flow + Live analysis + Live commentary + live trades.

We apply the concepts of Market Profile and the Order Flow to the Nifty and the Bank Nifty.

We employ Real Market Profile based trading strategies in live moving markets.

The trading room is about trading profitably with some innovative trading strategies which normal retail do not know about.


Vtrender Trading Room

Trading is what happens for us – not to us. We show you a way to remain in control at all times. We are not here to solve your problems in trading, but to deal with what creates the problem in the first place.

This program is different from any other programs because you will see go in and see for yourself the Force which controls everything in the markets. We lay it bare and open for you to see, to visualize and to trade it live. You will gain a confidence to not just undertand but also trade the market better.

We are invested in your learning, in building an atmosphere for you to grow. Because we realize that if you want to grow apples, you cannot do it in Rajasthan, but you must find fertile ground in Kashmir.

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Trade with Orderflow- take the guess work out.

Want to learn some sharp and quick Market Profile strategies?

Want to undertand trade location?

Want to know where to enter and where to exit?

Want a bigger undertanding of the Market

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Popular OrderFlow techniques



A market which has gone too short suddenly (or too long) will show the appearance of an RB (or an RS).



A market which has gone too short suddenly (or too long) will show the appearance of an RB (or an RS).


And Much more

Besides the RS and RB and the LLT's we also chart imbalances and Volume clusters and classify the volumes...