Position Update : 30th NOV

*** INTRA-DAY TRADES **** Buy Nifty 5807, sl 5805, tgt 5846Sl taken. * Sell Nifty 5780, sl 5805/ tgt 5850.exited at 5785 Nifty total points : points.Bank Nifty : points. ———————————————————————— *** NEW TRADES *** ———————————————————————– *** OPEN TRADES *** STOCKS * Buy Dr Reddy at 1742-1240, sl 1680. Tgt 1820/ 1880. *** POSITIONAL INDEX […]

Bounce gains momentum

5868 did a job today by galvanizing buyers to 5915 and providing support on the rebound from there. 5868 is also the weekly value area low and if the 80 % rule plays out it can fetch a trip to atleast 5975. Here are the charts for today : Nifty : Bank Nifty : Value […]

Trading room

We are having some issues with our webinar partners.We are trying to restore connectivity to the room.We will inform you as soon as we are up again

Trading Room

We are experiencing some problems with the login for the trading room. Please bear with us till we sort it out. —– Update at 9.12. Please try this link for the Login : http://www.omnovia.com/pages/sc2/room_login.php?companyID=10072&isPresenter=0&roomID=10996

Position update : 29th Nov

*** INTRA-DAY TRADES *** * Buy BN 11870, sl 11800, tgt 11927Exited at cost* Sell Bank Nifty 11780, sl 11820/ tgt 11700.Sl taken *Buy Mini at 5808-5810/ sl 5880 tgt 5848/5867.Exited at 5815 Nifty total points : points.Bank Nifty : points. ———————————————————————— *** NEW TRADES *** Buy 5800 CE at 150, sl 102, tgt 243. […]

Oversold Bounce

The bounce which was expected in the weekend posts by Shai and Girish played out and we had a move to friday highs again today. The Vol profile chart shows a higher percentage of buyers than sellers and some initiative activity at key levels. 5804 and 5830 are important ref levels to the downside with […]

Options/ futures data for 26/11

Summary: 1. Again as we saw on Thursday, the DEC Options data is not displaying that bearishness we have seen on the screen in the last few days. Just take 5800PE vs 5800CEs – the 5800PEs are massive 51L vs 24L 5800CEs (even after a 100% increase in 5800CE OI on Friday).  2. 5900 seems to be balanced […]

McClellan Readings (2)

The chart which i posted in my previous post was indeed the NYMO advance-decline chart, specifically used to calculate overbought and oversold conditions on the NYSE ( New York stock exchange). We are not trading on the NYSE, but actually the NSE and the only change in the formula has been the values of the […]