Trade Alerts : 31st Jan

*** INTRA-DAY TRADES *** * Buy Nifty above 5507, sl 5486, tgt 5527/5576Tgt 1 done+ 20 * Sell Mini 5470, sl 5510, tgt 5435missed tgt by 3 points. exited near cost.– *** OPEN TRADES *** * Buy 5600 PE at 138, sl 111, tgt open.Booked all profits at 198+60 * Buy Minis at 5505 ( […]


Heading into the open of today, we had a 3I day as a background. The early morning inventory was short and the market wasted little time in getting near the level of 5435 mentioned in the weekend post.Incidentally the low of today (5438) was last seen on the 1st of September last year. Once the […]

Bank Nifty Traders

Use the levels marked in blue for next week’s action points. One can initiate/ close/ increase/ decrease positions at each of the mentioned levels in blue horizontal lines. A breakdown below 10509 will bring 10383/ 10286/ 10146.

Trade Alerts : 29th Jan

*** INTRA-DAY TRADES *** * Sell BankNifty 10630, sl 10680, tgt 10570/10530Tgt 1 done+ 60 *** OPEN TRADES *** * Buy 5600 PE at 138, sl 111, tgt open.Booked part at 175. Sl at 138 for the balance.+ 38 ***Total points for the Day : Mini Nifty :Nifty :Bank Nifty : 60Option :38 ***Cumulative points […]

Nifty Breaks it’s 2 week balance

In my Last post I had mentioned that the noise around the settlement day was not clinching evidence to signal a change of trend but to quote from that post again ” Sometimes what didn’t happen has more implications than what actually occurred.” The open was crucial as a follow up to that afternoon’s move […]

Bank Nifty Hesitates ( Intra action )

Whilst a lot of us are pertubed about the movement of the Bank Nifty future and the fact that it is not making new lows along side the Nifty, here’s a chart which explains .. It’s finding support from the High volume node of the profile dated 17th Jan from where it had launched off […]

Nifty Feb Future

Often times a view which one holds at the start of a session can change as the market keeps sending out a message. We walked into this expiry day, expecting a close around 5700 which was the fairest price for the series for both buyers and sellers. Also the Open Interest build -up at 5700 […]

Charts for 27th Feb

Since the Nifty futures are probing new areas below, we do not have sufficient high volume nodes for the futures data wise. So I’m posting Nifty Charts of the spot instead. Each of the brown dashed lines at 5580/ 5550/ 5480/ 5430/ 5360 are supports for the markets and the markets are expected to pause […]