Profile charts for 4th August

Nifty Future chart August Series : Perspective : As the market moves into the lows, we watch out for signs of capitualtion to signal a bottom which can last 4-6 weeks.Even if the market bounces from levels, we also wait for the market to test for remaining business at critical levels.Back Ground :- Chart Speak […]

Profile charts for 3rd August

The Prime Levels for tomorrow are possible areas of demand and supply and the same are uploaded in an excel sheet here. The most important number to watch in the sheet is Prime Point Zero or (PP0) which is the level where the market is neutral for the day.A market below PP0 and moving lower […]

Copper today

Yesterday was a lousy day trading Copper futures. After a big move the day before, copper restricted itself to a narrow range. On Profile charts we saw copper forming a balance profile, which was telling us that it wants to move again in a session or two and we were waiting.. Here is the profile […]

Fear index

We were just having a small discussion in the trading room on fear levels, and I decided to plagiarize RM’s work on this subject. Sorry RM. For those who still do not follow these charts which RM puts out everyday, you are missing out on some vital info on swing indicators. Notice that during the […]