Profile charts for 12 th August

The Prime Levels for tomorrow are possible areas of demand and supply and the same are uploaded in an excel sheet here. The most important number to watch in the sheet is Prime Point Zero or (PP0) which is the level where the market is neutral for the day.A market below PP0 and moving lower […]

Make lazy money from Nifty put options

I got the idea of this from a book that mentioned that portfolio investors like to buy 10% out of money options (OTM) for hedging their portfolios. It got me thinking:- Isn’t 10% way too much out of money? Will this money used for hedging not get wasted? Is it worth the trouble? Instead of […]

Money flow in Gold/ silver

First an OrderFlow chart of Silver traded on the MCX which reversed the sell signal yesterday, printed a buy and gave us 2000 points in the process. Currently it is back to sell mode. So Silver traders please note. and just to add to my rant yesterday on Gold, here is a chart showing commercials […]