Nifty : I don’t have a lot to say today, so I’ll make this short. We had another neutral day marked by a failed auction at 4885 today. A failed auction is visited between 1-5 sessions after the event.There was evidence of longer TF buyers and sellers who each tried to move the market today. […]

European Bond auction dates

Those trading equities and commodities will have to keep an eye on this calendar as the European bond auctions are creatings lots of volatility in the markets. .

Profile charts for Tues-29/11

Nifty : Coming into the day, we were waiting for a resolution of the neutral day seen in the markets on Thursday and Friday, and had noted that a break of value and range would setup the most rewarding trade as one party would give away control to the other. 30 minutes into the open, […]

Trend for 28/11

The morning’s open was an open Drive from the Point of control of the previous day, confirming a change of sentiment over the weekend. The single prints at the base of the profile and the O print below the first alphabet D is always a confirmation that in 90% cases what begins at one end […]

BN composite

Tricky area in BN- Zone of the prev single prints

OrderFlow from last week

Here are orderflow charts of the past week. Effective Monday- 28/11, we are rolling over Silvermic to SilverM Feb contract and Copper November to Copper Feb contract.

Profile for 28/11 Mon

Nifty : The first day of a new series was divided equally between buyers and sellers and we had another neutral day in the markets. Neutral days are areas where the markets tell us that buyers and sellers are present in equal numbers in the markets and the market may begin a move in one […]

The INR story

The charts above are 200 minute charts of the USD-INR, then the Nifty, BankNifty, Gold, Silver, Copper and finally Crude.All charts are for a period between 28/10/11 and today. These are also all the instruments we track in the trading room and send alerts for.The purpose of the charts are to show the effect of […]

Composite Update

Here is the composite from last night. We mentioned about the spike and the Nifty has chosen to auction in the spike zone above the POC of yesterday. The two zones on the chart have depleted volumes and need to be re-visisted. Here’s the one as of the moment- an update to the above one. […]