Fii’s in Fno at end of April Series.

At the end of March series in a post done here , we had noted a bullish handover into April by Fii’s though they skimmed a lot of profits after that big bull run in March

Trading Room Plan for 23rd April

The NF and the BNF stayed in the upper end 0f yesterday’s price move and mainly above yesterday’s vwap.   The resulting consolidation was a normal distribution and a bell shaped curve one day ahead of the expiry event.   It was also technically an inside day kind of move though not theoretically one on […]

Update – 22nd April

It’s expiry week and another holiday shortened one.   When we looked at the April series in our last post dated 6th April we spoke about a range bound series of April :   Not much has changed since then and the 2 weekly friday closes have been less than 5 points out.   Nifty […]

Trading Room Plan 17th April

The NF finished a DD day and the BNF trended lower after a good start to finish at the lows.   The profiles continue to show value being created lower even as the UP auction is stalled as it is not functioning above VAH of the previous session.     The DD in NF took […]

Trading Room Plan for Wed 16th April

The markets trended lower since the open in an OPen Drive which meant that sellers were beginning to take an upper hand in the market and the prevailing auction.   In yesterday’s post we spoke about 6800 and 12900 being key levels for the trend to continue upwards.   Today’s excess near the OPEN shows […]