Profile charts dt 15/07/15

We had a P shaped profile in the NF today led by OTF at the Open and a Normal day in the BankNifty. The BNF is coiled up nicely for a big trending move and we will watch intently.

Levels and Plan for 15th July

Post the trend day we got a Normal day and the market returned to balance. The beauty of knowing Market Profile as a study is it allows you to anticipate freely and correctly most of the time. Our bias remains bullish but we brought some protective puts and would be looking to clear some long […]

Profile charts dt 14/07/15

We saw a Normal day in the Nifty today and a Neutral extreme close at lows in the BankNifty today. Here are the charts :

Levels and Plan for 14th July

The expected trend day we have been tracking since Thursday’s posts, came about as thursday buyers defending 8330 rigorously triumphed over sellers from 8394- 8399 in  a double distribution trend day which came about through a news based move from Greece. The index was 134 points higher by close.