Market Profile analysis dated 27th Sept

The selling was quiet at the open in both the Nifty and the Banknifty but once the “B” period got underway the auction one time framed lower and the close was in the lower quadrant. The series of September was traded with a vwap of 11304 and dominated by sellers. The auction over the course […]

Support and Resistance levels Nifty & Bank nifty Futures

Here are some quick reference levels for the Nifty Futures and the BankNifty Futures. These levels work as support and resistance and are derived from the Market profile charts.   Nifty Futures Oct F:       Nifty Monthly spot :             Monthly Zones: The vwap of the Aug series […]

Order Flow charts dated 27th Sept

When we think about how to measure volume in the market one of the keys is Order flow . It plays a role by telling us what the other traders have done in the market and are currently doing and this provides valuable clues and potential opportunities to trade.   An Order Flow trader can actually see exactly […]

Market Profile charts dated 27th Sept

Market value is the core concept behind any trade, and the core of any trader’s decision is based on the perception of value. The Market Profile makes it possible to identify and track market value in real time, in every time frame. To know more about the Market Profile visit –   Here are the market […]