Market Profile Analysis dated 31st Dec

Nifty Jan F: NF opened with a gap up of more than 50 points & made a freak high of 10985 at open after which it probed lower & got back into previous day range confirming an ORR (Open Rejection Reverse) start which meant that wide POC of 10920 could be tagged as prominent POCs […]

Order Flow charts dated 31st Dec

Many traders are used to viewing volume as a histogram beneath a price chart. This approach shows the amount of volume traded below the price Bar. The Order Flow approach is to see the Volume traded inside or within the price bar, an important distinction. Order Flow trading is thinking about what order market participants […]

Order Flow charts dated 31st Dec (5 mins)

Order Flow trading is thinking about what order market participants do and when you think along this, you can anticipate what kind of action they will be taking in the market. This is a very important concept in Order Flow. NF BNF

Weekly charts (24th to 28th Dec) & Market profile analysis

Nifty Spot Weekly Profile (24th – 28th Dec) Nifty Spot in the previous week gave a Neutral Extreme Profile Down & the reference for this week’s open was 10738-10790 (read last week’s post here) & the open on Monday was right at the upper end of this reference with an almost OH start which meant […]

Market Profile Analysis dated 28th Dec

Nifty Jan F: NF gave a gap up rejecting the previous day’s Neutral Extreme close & moved away from yesterday’s Value with a drive up getting above that FA of 10880 & also the VPOC of 10885 which was a bullish sign. NF then probed into the selling tail of 21/12 which started from 10917 […]

Market Profile Charts dated 28th Dec

The Market Profile will guide traders through a new understanding of the market that will allow them to identify the most profitable trade opportunities as they happen. A ‘Market Profile’ takes the guesswork out of the markets by putting Price, Volume and Time in one chart in an easily understood graphic format. Market Value is the […]

Order Flow charts dated 28th Dec

A good trader is a one who can make money consistently over a longer period of time. But how to become one such trader, who can make money in any type of market condition? A good trader keeps a close watch on the current information of the market and assesses it for change against previous […]

Order Flow charts dated 28th Dec (5 mins)

Order Flow can show how a collection of market participates has acted in the past and this helps to create profit by knowing if these traders are profitable or caught upside down. NF BNF

Market Profile Analysis dated 27th Dec

Nifty Jan F: NF followed the Neutral Extreme close with a gap up but opened right at that Trend Day’s (21/12) second extension handle down of 10860 which was also the 2 ATR target from the FA of 10580 it left yesterday. The up move looked stretched & done with as NF had moved too […]

Order Flow charts dated 27th Dec

Many traders are looking for information on how to use market conditions to find good trades. Order Flow is best understood as a way to see existing bias in the markets. Order Flow helps us understand who is in control of the market and who is ‘upside down’ and likely to make exits from that […]