Order Flow charts dated 20th June

A good trader is a one who can make money consistently over a longer period of time. But how to become one such trader, who can make money in any type of market condition? A good trader keeps a close watch on the current information of the market and assesses it for change against previous […]

Order Flow charts dated 20th June (5 mins)

Order Flow can show how a collection of market participates has acted in the past and this helps to create profit by knowing if these traders are profitable or caught upside down. NF BNF

Market Profile Analysis dated 19th June

Nifty Jun F: NF opened with a gap up and drove higher getting into the the selling tail of 17th June (11780 to 11838) as it made a high of 11815 in the ‘A’ period but did not see any follow through in the next 2 periods as the ‘C’ period made a double inside […]