Market Profile Analysis dated 31st May 2021

Nifty Jun F:  15583 [ 15600 / 15410 ] NF opened right at the prominent POC of 15464 and probed lower in seach of fresh demand as it broke below previous low & FA of 15420 but got swiftly rejected from 15410 reversing the probe to the upside as it not only left a long […]

Market Profile Analysis dated 28th May 2021

Nifty Jun F:  15464 [ 15500 / 15420 ] NF opened higher continuing previous session’s closing move with an OL (Open=Low) start at 15435 and went on to record new highs for the week at 15492 in the A period but settled down into an OAOR (Open Auction Out Of Range) as it remained in […]

Weekly Charts (24th to 28th May 2021) and Market Profile Analysis

Nifty Spot Weekly Profile (24th to 28th May 2021) 15435 [ 15469 / 15145 ] Previous week’s report ended with this ‘The weekly profile represents a composite ‘p’ shape with completely higher Value at 14990-15090-15130 and a small spike close from 15137 to 15190 which would be the zone to watch at open for the next […]

Participantwise Open Interest – 27th MAY 2021

Series view At the close of MAY series, FIIs are holding 47% of long and 6% of short Open Interest in Index Futures besides holding 36% long and 34% short Open Interest in Stocks Futures. They were net sellers in equity segment for ₹12805 crore during the series. Clients are holding 48% long and 63% […]

Market Profile Analysis dated 27th May 2021

Nifty Jun F:  15387 [ 15411 / 15304 ] NF opened lower but took support above the buying extension handle of 15290 as it made a low of 15304 in the ‘A’ period and completed the 80% Rule in previous Value forming a narrow range of just 55 points till the ‘C’ period. The auction […]

Order Flow charts dated 27th May 2021

Trading Order Flow allows a trader to see the specific price where a trade has hit the market, along with the volume of that trade. This information is extremely valuable and allows a trader to generate substantial revenue by using this information to trade. The way we see it is that Order Flow trading is […]

Market Profile Analysis dated 26th May 2021

Nifty May F:  15303 [ 15324 / 15197 ] NF opened right around the HVN of 15260 with an OH (Open=High) start at 15255 and made the first probe of the day lower as it swipted through yesterday’s low volume zone and tagged the yPOC of 15213 while making a low of 15197 in the […]

Order Flow charts dated 26th May 2021

A good trader is a one who can make money consistently over a longer period of time. But how to become one such trader, who can make money in any type of market condition? A good trader keeps a close watch on the current information of the market and assesses it for change against previous […]

Market Profile Analysis dated 25th May 2021

Nifty May F:  15218 [ 15299 / 15160 ] NF opened with a big gap up of 80 points negating the upside rejection of previous day as it made new highs for the series at 15299 but settled down into an OAOR (Open Auction Out of Range) forming a very narrow 46 point range in […]

Order Flow charts dated 25th May 2021

Many traders are used to viewing volume as a histogram beneath a price chart. This approach shows the amount of volume traded below the price Bar. The Order Flow approach is to see the Volume traded inside or within the price bar, an important distinction. Order Flow trading is thinking about what order market participants […]