Market Profile Analysis dated 31st August 2021

Nifty Sep F: 17122 [ 17144 / 16922 ] NF opened with a freak tick at 16892 but immediately made a probe above the spike zone of 16933 to 16960 as it made new ATH of 16999 in the A period getting stalled at the Big Round Number of 17000 after which it began to coil […]

Market Profile Analysis dated 30th August 2021

Nifty Sep F: 16942 [ 16960 / 16775 ] NF not only opened above the FA of 16745 but confirmed a Drive Up as it almost tagged the 1 ATR objective on the upside of 16877 in the IB (Initial Balance) itself where it left a long buying tail from 16847 to 16775. The auction then […]

Market Profile Analysis dated 27th August 2021

Nifty Sep F:  16718 [ 16730 / 16574 ] NF opened the day with a probe lower as it not only completed the 1 ATR objective of 16603 from the FA of 16745 but almost tagged the 24th Aug VPOC of 16569 as it made a low of 16574 and gave a swift rejection back […]

Weekly Charts (23rd to 27th Aug 2021) and Market Profile Analysis

Nifty Spot Weekly Profile (23rd to 27th Aug 2021) 16705 [ 16722 / 16395 ] Previous week’s report ended with this ‘The weekly profile is a Neutral Extreme one to the downside though Value for the week was completely higher at 16458-16566-16590 and Friday’s POC of 16469 will be the immediate reference on the upside above […]

Market Profile Analysis dated 26th August 2021

Nifty Sep F:  16647 [ 16701 / 16612 ] NF opened slighty lower but got back into previous day’s Value in the IB (Initial Balance) and made the dreaded C side extension to hit 16701 stalling just below the yPOC of 16708 triggering a OTF (One Time Frame) probe lower over the next 5 periods […]

Participantwise Open Interest – 26th AUG 2021

Series view At the close of AUG series, FIIs are holding 34% of long and 18% of short Open Interest in Index Futures besides holding 39% long and 26% short Open Interest in Stocks Futures. They were net sellers in equity segment for 10722 crore during the series. Clients are holding 58% long and 48% […]

Market Profile Analysis dated 25th August 2021

Nifty Aug F:  16632 [ 16714 / 16615 ] NF continued the imbalance to the upside with a higher open and a tag of the HVN of 16662 along with the re-visit of the FA (Failed Auction) of 16689 on ‘T+4’ Days as it made a Range Extension in the ‘E’ period making a high […]

Market Profile Analysis dated 24th August 2021

Nifty Aug F:  16620 [ 16643 / 16495 ] NF opened higher away from the 2-day composite Value but for the second time in 2 days got rejected from the 18th Aug Trend Day POC of 16559 as it made a high of 16561 and probed lower and went on to make a low of […]

Market Profile Analysis dated 23rd August 2021

Nifty Aug F:  16494 [ 16566 / 16392 ] NF opened with a big gap up of 127 points right at the 18th Aug VPOC of 16559 but made an almost OH (Open=High) start at 16566 indicating rejection from the VPOC and this triggered a trending move lower as the auction left couple of extension […]

Market Profile Analysis dated 20th August 2021

Nifty Aug F:  16434 [ 16504 / 16370 ] NF continued the imbalance of previous session giving yet another follow up to a NeuX (Neutral Extreme) profile with a huge gap down of 172 points as it took support in the initiative buying tail of 13th Aug which also signalled the transistion from imbalance to […]