Our Terms and Other Conditions.

Nature of Service: Vtrender Mentoring Room (VMR) is a mentorship program and not a “Buy here, sell there” service. Our primary focus is on providing a robust foundation for your trading future. Those looking merely for calls without a commitment to learning may find this platform unsuitable.
Access & Usage: Included in the subscription is access to Vtrender Charts, MarketProfile, Orderflow, and the Training Library. Unauthorized sharing, distribution, or reproduction of content is strictly forbidden and can lead to termination without refund.Complimentary Access & Refunds: Subscribers receive complimentary access to Vtrender Charts and our Training Library and proprietary trading setups. Due to the proprietary nature of this content, refunds are not possible once the subscription is activated.Capital Requirement: To gain the maximum benefit from our services, a minimum capital of INR 5 Lakhs is recommended. If you’re undercapitalized, we advise against joining. We retain the right to seek evidence of capital deployment.Start of Subscription: Upon subscribing, please allow us 2-4 hours to process your login credentials. The initiation may take longer during weekends. New subscriptions are activated at 9.00 am of the subsequent working session and not mid-trading session.Mentorship & Trials: Our mentorship is grounded in sharing proprietary strategies. We don’t offer trials or demos. Without our welcome kit, understanding our charts and terminology might be challenging. This program is structured for decisive individuals.Non-refundable: The subscription fees include charges for sharing knowledge, chart concepts, and providing unique login credentials. Considering these fixed costs, requests for cancellations, refunds, or alterations will not be entertained.Live Analysis : Our mentoring program offers real-time analysis . However, the outcomes  and the preciseness of the analysis are not assured. Past performance is not an indicator to the future.Rate Adjustments: Subscription rates can be revised without prior notification. Renewals and new subscriptions will be charged as per the prevailing rate.External Resources: We may link to external content or websites. Vtrender is not accountable for the content, accuracy, or practices of these external entities.Privacy & Security: Your personal and financial data’s security is a priority. However, subscribers are responsible for safeguarding their login details.Questions & Queries: For common questions about our operations, prospective subscribers can refer to our QnA