Evening MarketProfile report dated 16th April 2018

Coming into the session, we were aware that the Nifty was Neutral with a responsive seller at 10525 and responsive buying at 10460. The lower open of the Nifty on Monday was an Open Rejection reverse or an ORR type of Market Profile open. It was a lot more slower than other opens of these types and hence the auction was stagnant for a while floating around 10470. But once the extension was done the Nifty closed at it’s highest point. The 10470 zone and 10496 buy zone is the immediate support for the auction now. On the higher side,…

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Evening MarketProfile report dated 13th April.

Our expectation at the close of yesterday’s session was a push by the buyers to 10540 F. The Nifty April F hit a high of 10527 today before some sharp responsive selling came to turn the day around in a neutral day type. The presence of Buyers and Sellers who exhibit an equal amount of control on the day auction classifies the day as a neutral day. In today’s auction, we got a neutral center. Prominent in our OrderFlow charts was a sharp responsive seller at 10525 and responsive buying at 10460 which would be an early hint that the…

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Evening MarketProfile Report dated 12th April 2018

Wednesday’s auction was a telling one as the Nifty dove to 10360 which was an opportunity for the seller to exert control. However, we saw responsive buying in that auction and we mentioned yesterday how the Seller had surrendered his advantage easily. In today’s tape the Buyers seized control right at the open and drove the index higher to 10478 but the move was market with responsive selling coming back into the auction instead of sellers lifting away. Staying above 10425 F now, the Buyers have an opportunity to push the auction higher to 10540F. 

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