Nifty :On Friday we saw a DD- Double distribution in the markets. We consider a DD to be 2 separate auctions as a row of single prints divides the two zones the market operated out of during the day. 4668- 4707 can be considered the upper distribution which was in the lower zone of Thursday’s […]


On the first day of the series, here’s a background check on the profiles for Jan’12. Instrument    PR3    PR2    PR1    PP0    PS1    PS2    PS3                            NIFTY        5543    5254    4965    4676   4387   4098   3809                            BANKNIFTY  10065  9404  8743  8082  7421  6761  61000 Nifty : BankNifty […]

End 2011 Offer

Fellow Trader, If you have been trading these markets for any amount of time, you would have noticed that currently the markets favor traders over investors by a stretch. Come 2012, it will not change much. If you are quick, disciplined and in a position to take some risk, there are great profits waiting to […]


Nifty : The NF continued to build value higher in a P shaped profile today which showed that shorts from late Friday covered early in the day. Value continues to be built higher as we track the movement of price and monitor it for trend changes if any. Today’s profile shows single prints in the […]

Profile check

Here is a chart of the Nifty profile showing two composite profiles from the week 12/12 to 15/12 and week from 19/12 to 20/12. Both of these composites were balances and will have important implications going forward. The Profile dated 16/12 shows a move to the top of the balanced profile which failed and resulted  […]


Nifty : Nf profile shows an auction which stayed above the previous day’s POC for the most part and a minor tail at the lows.What was also notice is a fairly prominent POC at 4745 increasing the odds of a visit there on Monday. The day was a nothing day in the single prints of […]

Trend 23/12

Here iis the Orderflow chart of today We got a sell signal when dpoc broke after a failed move to go higher. The weekly pnf chart showing the week’s activity is below. .


Nifty : The NF profile shows a breakout above the 2 day balance area above the 4632 levels. The day was neutral extreme with a close at the upper extreme. Th positive momentum can only sustain if a neutral extreme day opens above the high of the day.4668 is the value high for today’s breakout […]

trend 21/12/11

Here is the updated chart to the one which ws posted this morning One of the basic rules of market profile state that if a markets stays above Value area high, it implies that buyers are in control of the day’s action. 4617 which was the value we were tracking was never really broken though […]