Today's profile charts are split and we look at price changes around value and Points of control ( moving) instead of structure.   Nifty :     The bluish purple regions is the composite weekly profile and the green shaded regions are the value areas.   The purplish boxes within the white value area background […]


Here are the profile charts from today.   The OrderFlow was uploaded earlier in the evening : http://www.vtrender.com/content/orderflow-2802   In 2 days we have had back to back up/ down swings and only the brave will tell for certain what tomorrow may bring.     The NF opened within value and took out the pull […]

OrderFlow 28/02

The day was the exact opposite of yesterday right from the opening price.   Using the OrderFlow and the simple message from Market profile , we were quick to add 75 points in the NF and 300 in the BankNifty to the 110 and 350 we made yesterday.   If yesterday's charts posted here had […]

Seller’s vwap

Here is a profile and vwap chart of the NF march contract from the time the seller took control at 5680 NF on the 22nd.     The chart shows the vwap currently at 5486 which is also the settlement price for the series of last month.   The sellers will always be in with […]

OrderFlow 27/02

We had a trend day in the markets today as the markets opened below value of Friday and kept selling through the day. Such types of days have an open at one end and a close at the other with a pull back high (low) in the afternoons.   To be honest, the day type […]

Monday profile check

Here is the chart of the NF March.     The balance profile on the left is for the week dated 6th Feb to 12th Feb.   It is identified by 2 heavy volume zones near 5426 and 5404 respectively. Expect the market to slow down here as the heavy volumes show the market taking […]

Profile update

Here is the updated chart at the close of trading today.   This chart was posted in the morning here : http://www.vtrender.com/content/profile-check-2402   We had mentioned that the odds of a rotation were higher to fill up the low volume zone.     The chart on the right shows the profile completing the auction in […]

Profile check 24/02

Here is a quick look at the NF march futures chart.   On account of expiry yesterday, we have to adjust to a 50 point premium which is the biggest I have seen in months. Never Mind!   The Profile structure and Picture remains the same, regardless of the instrument we trade.     This […]


Yesterday we spoke about – " The composite structure gives bigger odds for a rotation at current prices and a move back to test the broken zone just under 5580".   The seller continued his work in the morning and took the index to 2IB after breaking through the Initial balance on the lower side […]

And the Winner is

In the End, the bears managed to keep the gains from yesterday afternoon and denied the bulls a close at the upper end in an other wise bullish series,   The Close at 5483 was exactly the value high for the series and posted in this chart this morning :  Feb series   I want […]