Trading room today

[10:45] Shai C: [10:46] r m: Thanks Shai [10:49] Shai C: 10.49 IB breaks [10:49] Shai C: guys have learn't to be careful with their timings :0 [10:50] Pasi C: small range extension? [10:51] Shai C: volume is still poor for a RE [10:53] Vicky M: good post, shai [10:55] Vicky M: naturalgas chart […]

Nifty- Eye on expiry

The series of July started out with a big upmove, lost steam around 5350, revisited the lows yesterday and now poised at a critical level, contemplating direction.   Here's a profile chart –     The chart above shows :   a) volume picture in black also called volume at price b) value lines in […]