Trading room today

[10:45] Shai C:
[10:46] r m: Thanks Shai
[10:49] Shai C: 10.49 IB breaks
[10:49] Shai C: guys have learn't to be careful with their timings :0
[10:50] Pasi C: small range extension?
[10:51] Shai C: volume is still poor for a RE
[10:53] Vicky M: good post, shai
[10:55] Vicky M: naturalgas chart needs fix?
[10:58] Shai C: thanks Vicky
[10:59] Shai C: Volumes are very poor in NG at the open
[10:59] Vicky M: volumes will come in the evening when US opens πŸ™‚
[10:59] Shai C: yes
[11:01] Pasi C: what sholud be the stop for longs entered here in NF shai?
[11:02] Vicky M: NF can't decide where to go
[11:02] Shai C: Pasi below pp0
[11:02] Pasi C: ok
[11:02] Vicky M: pp0 will come πŸ™‚
[11:02] Pasi C: I feel it may trip to pdl
[11:03] Vicky M: [08:55] Vicky M: even if its gap up; i feel that it will come down to fill the gap
[11:03] Vicky M: not very far πŸ™‚
[11:03] Shai C: trade is not very right, hence not suggesting big stop
[11:03] Pasi C: ok
[11:03] Shai C: better long is abv IBLow or vwap
[11:25] Shai C: seller in NF
[11:52] Pasi C: ooooooooooooooooooooooffffffffffffff              markets testing my patience
*** Shai **, Welcome to the Vtrender conference room!
[12:17] J C: Hello everyone:-)
[12:18] r m: Hi JC πŸ™‚
[12:18] J C: Shai…sum rumor abt QE3 in today's fed mtng…any news
[12:18] J C: Hi rm:-)
[12:20] Shai C: Yes Ben speaks to the US senate today on the economy
[12:21] Shai C: Most likely he will say it requires further stimulus as job growth was bad on the 7th
[12:21] J C: yeah…rumor rlating it to the call of $going dwn to 54
[12:22] Shai C: possible
[12:22] J C: if tat happens rally will start from morrow
[12:23] Shai C: it should
[12:23] Vicky M: Shai πŸ™‚ morning gap filled ?
[12:23] Shai C: No gap fill is 5199
[12:24] Shai C: but very close- good c all
[12:24] Vicky M: ok πŸ™‚
[12:24] Shai C: 5248 algo and Vicky
[12:24] Vicky M: haha
[12:24] Shai C: mkt is trending down from open
[12:24] r m: πŸ™‚
[12:25] Shai C: LH and LL
[12:25] Shai C: lower highs and lower lows
[12:25] Shai C: BN is again getting buying at 10578
[12:27] J C: tx shai..i think will buy calls today
[12:29] Shai C: Have a feeling mkt will climb later in anticpation
[12:29] Vicky M: so buy now?
[12:30] Shai C: small qty here- but better confirmation is always abv  vwap
[12:30] Vicky M: ok:)
[12:30] Shai C: if it stays abv even 10 mins, we have changed the day trend from down to up
[12:30] Shai C: abv vwap that is**
[12:31] Kris 123: hmm…so Shai approves my bargain at 20  ( in part atleast) πŸ™‚
[12:31] Shai C: If US takes out 1360 today then Big bang tom
[12:42] Shares Trader: 21.
[12:42] Shares Trader: 21.20 im long in 5300 Ces
[12:48] Shai C: big boys are still off
[12:49] Pasi C: oooppppppppppps
[12:49] Shares Trader: 5208-5203 shd sustain
[12:49] Shares Trader: else trade is wrong
[12:50] Vicky M: [11:02] Vicky M: pp0 will come πŸ™‚
[12:50] Shai C: πŸ™‚
[12:50] Vicky M: Shai πŸ™‚ is never wrong
[12:51] Sreeram N: Shai bought BN wat should be the SL VAL or PDL
[12:51] Shai C: sl would be below pdl
[12:51] Sreeram N: Thanks
[12:51] Shai C: Mkt's not changing the morning trend still
[12:51] Shai C: Min condition is entry into DVAL and then vwap
[12:53] r m: yesterday's SP covered, i hope Vicky will relent now πŸ™‚
[12:55] Vicky M: yes i`ll πŸ™‚ my target is over
[12:55] r m: Thanks πŸ™‚
[12:56] Vicky M: lol rm whack me for paper trading and not live trading
[12:56] r m: lol
[12:56] Shai C: Bn should lead up
[12:57] Shai C: an entry into dvalue will make longs safe
[12:57] Shai C: 5221 in NF and 10604 in BN
[12:57] Pasi C: everybody hoping for rally but market drifting down
[12:58] Shai C: hope is based on prev buying efforts at 5209 and 10565
[12:59] Pasi C: yes
[13:00] Vicky M: if 5210 to 5199 will hold, then we should march upward, like shai said earlier
[13:00] Vicky M: [12:29] Shai C: Have a feeling mkt will climb later in anticpation
[13:02] Pasi C: added 5300 ce at 19
[13:03] Sreeram N: @Shai Nifty  buy above IB Low ??
[13:04] Shai C: yes- that would be right
[13:04] Shai C: mkt at dval
[13:04] Sreeram N: were is dvah
[13:04] r m: 5244
[13:04] Shai C: the upper yellow line- 5245
[13:04] Sreeram N: 80% developing area πŸ™‚
[13:04] Shai C: 10675
[13:06] Shai C: usdinr breaking into IBH assists buyers
[13:06] Shai C: 55.10 now
[13:09] Shai C: NF should see 5245 now- high probability
[13:12] Sreeram N: Shai I am buying Nifty here with PDL as SL
[13:18] Shai C: keep buy abv 5224
[13:24] Kris 123: 5228 gives some cover – then we can reinforce our belief with several borrowed convictions from shai – 80% rule – above vwap  – and the IB band trade – I am sure Shai can supplement some more reasons as well πŸ™‚
[13:25] r m: price was unable to go above dval so dval obliged by coming down πŸ™‚
[13:28] Pasi C: even if iot doesnt go up who bought at lows need not regret
[13:37] Shai C: axis bank swinging the BN post results
[13:37] Shai C: 1036- 1050 so far in axis
[13:40] Shai C: 1028 now- bad loans increased even though net profit up
[13:40] Shai C: reliance reports on fri after close
[13:41] Shai C: these people should be banned from reporting during mkt hours
[13:44] Vicky M: reliance always report after market
[13:45] Vicky M: so that they there is no way someone can earn from their scrip
[13:45] r m: lol
[13:46] r m: only way of earning from reliance is by selling the discount vouchers for vimal clothes sent with annual report – provided you can find a buyer πŸ™‚
[13:46] Vicky M: lol
[13:47] Bipin N: and selling their annual reports in scrap
[13:47] Vicky M: lol
[13:47] J C: @rm:-)
[13:47] r m: πŸ™‚
[13:48] Shares Trader: i thnk reoprts shd coem during mkt hrs
[13:48] Shares Trader: nt after
[13:48] Shares Trader: come*
[13:51] Shai C: I agree ST, that people get a chance to react
[13:51] Shai C: but retail will still not make a decision on fast moving prices
[13:52] Shai C: best for them is to have a report come after mkt hours, study analysis from everyone overnight and then take a call the next day
[13:52] Shares Trader: yeah Retail always left out
[13:52] Shares Trader: they dnt lk slow markets
[13:52] Shares Trader: hate volatile markets
[13:53] Shares Trader: πŸ˜€
[13:54] Shai C: BN
[13:54] Shai C: abv vwap
[13:56] Shai C: a move abv IBL brings IB band trade in BN
[14:24] Shai C: carefull in BN longs here
[14:24] Shai C: that move to vwap signalled failure
[14:25] Vicky M: DPOC also shifted down
[14:31] Shai C: gap closed
[14:31] Shai C: 5196 is a sell lgo
[14:31] Vicky M: πŸ™‚ am i back in picture?
[14:31] r m: lol
[14:32] Shai C: πŸ™‚
[14:35] Bipin N: Shai what could a possible target be for BNF short? and a tight sl?
[14:36] Shai C: may be a bit late to take a new short here
[14:36] Shai C: but 10630 is short trem res
[14:36] Bipin N: am short from a long time Shai
[14:36] Bipin N: ok
[14:36] Shai C: oh cool
[14:36] Bipin N: a tight sl?
[14:37] Shai C: dpoc
[14:37] Bipin N: thanks
[14:38] Shares Trader: today thr ws majority in room fr upside πŸ˜€
[14:39] r m: best trade will be to take a poll and take the opposite trade πŸ™‚
[14:40] J C: yup
[14:42] Shai C: charts been moving down from open
[14:43] Shai C: anticpation grew bigger than technical
[14:43] Shai C: happens- lesson learn't
[14:44] Shares Trader: yeah move ws slow bt steady
[14:44] Sreeram N: can this can be counted as trend day
[14:44] Vicky M: move is slow so that they can eat all the time value slowly
[14:44] Shares Trader: i guess we felt of upside move in big bars
[14:45] Shai C: technically yes Sreeram
[14:45] Sreeram N: k
[14:45] Shai C: 10630/ 5224 are pull back highs and resistances for tomorrow
[14:48] Vicky M: we will head lower,
[14:48] Vicky M: 5300 CE writing
[14:49] Shai C: putr writers still holding 5200 pe, but a big drop from the open price
[14:49] Vicky M: Shai in MP charts, what comes next below 5176 (06/28)
[14:49] r m: 5140-5150 i think
[14:49] Shai C: 5160 and below that 5111 which saw prsiatent buying in the expiry week
[14:50] Shai C: *persistant
[14:50] Vicky M: i guess we will head down till 5111 which may be a good place to buy
[14:50] Vicky M: i think those single prints started from 5108
[14:50] Shai C: possible
[14:52] r m: 27th and 28th had rather voluminous POCs, should be tough to go below that
[14:53] Shai C: u mean balanced profiles
[14:53] Shai C: ?
[14:53] r m: i mean volume at POC were 10 and 15 lakhs
[14:53] Shai C: 27th is balanced
[14:53] Shai C: about 5172
[14:53] r m: ok
[14:54] Shai C: a balnced naked POC holds more power to change trends than the other ones
[14:54] r m: ok, thanks
[14:55] Shai C: volume is bigger 'cos profile is stout
[14:55] r m: yes
[14:55] r m: even 26th looks balanced
[14:55] Shai C: that was expiry day
[14:55] r m: yeah!
[14:57] r m: looks like we have decoupled from ES πŸ™‚
[15:00] Pasi C: OMG market fallen
[15:00] Pasi C: anbody holding 5300 ce?
[15:01] Sreeram N: is market trying to close at dval
[15:02] Sreeram N: srry dpoc
[15:02] Pasi C: any hopes of 5280 now atleast 5250?@shai
[15:03] Vicky M: Pasi it will come πŸ™‚ maybe in next expiry or once we finish visiting lower
[15:03] Vicky M: looks like we are heading back to 5219
[15:04] r m: it will come when there is consensus on market reaching 4500 πŸ˜€
[15:05] Pasi C: ok
[15:05] Shai C: Pasi as lonmg as we stay abv the prev bracket high at 5165, it's always ON
[15:06] Pasi C: ok
[15:13] Sreeram N: Shai is buying at lowere levels
[15:14] Shai C: could be profit booking
[15:14] Sreeram N: k
[15:14] Shai C: another gap can't be ruled out
[15:15] Vicky M: down? or up?
[15:15] r m: up
[15:16] r m: sgx is played as per ES, so we get a gap up if ES closes high πŸ™‚
[15:16] Shai C: could go to 5225 or 5165
[15:16] Vicky M: 5223 is VALv ? it will reject it quick?
[15:17] Shai C: yes short trem res
[15:17] Sreeram N: Shai were is long term support in BN
[15:19] r m: today is 3I day, so possible to have the day's low in the first hour tomorrow
[15:19] Shai C: Sreeram 10424 is the big one
[15:20] Sreeram N: k thanks shai
[15:24] Shai C: close is near lows
[15:24] r m: vix at 17.73, more than 5% down
[15:24] Shai C: actually mkt is doing welll to fill up volumes
[15:25] Pasi C: whats da type of day today?@shai
[15:25] Shai C: trend day down
[15:25] Pasi C: ok
[15:25] Shai C: only a small patch near 5165- 5190 needs attention now
[15:30] Shai C: 5193/ 10561 close
[15:30] Shai C: Bye guys
[15:30] Sreeram N: Bya all
[15:30] Shai C: have a great evening
[15:30] r m: Thanks Shai, bye all, have a nice evening πŸ™‚
[15:30] Shares Trader: Bye all
[15:32] Pasi C: BYe all
[15:32] Vicky M: bye all πŸ™‚ have a nice evening