The MarketProfile revealed: A Comprehensive Guide for Modern Traders

Engaging Discussions on Market Profile:

Last week, engaging conversations on my Twitter handle @Am_Shai sparked intriguing dialogues about Market Profile, leading to insightful email exchanges.

This blog aims at diving deeper into those conversations, encouraging a wider discussion within our trading community. Your insights and feedback are invaluable as we explore the multifaceted aspects of Market Profile together.

Explore a more current version of this exploration at Decoding Market Profile: Mastering Trading Through Behavioral Insights.

My Trading Philosophy: A Fusion of Belief and Analysis

Background and Daily Analysis: My trading philosophy is deeply anchored in a robust belief system, refined through years of active engagement in the markets. We make it a point to share insightful market analyses across various timeframes, with a keen emphasis on short-term market movements. Our daily blog entries on Market Profile, enhanced by RM’s analytical perspectives on Open Interest and Holdings, offer a comprehensive understanding of the day’s market activities. This collaboration enriches our analysis, providing a clearer picture of market sentiment at the close of trading sessions.

From TPO to Auction Market Theory: My journey in trading began with a traditional focus on Time Price Opportunity (TPO) but evolved significantly in 2006 when I started to integrate Volume Analysis, VWAP, and OrderFlow into my trading strategy. This shift marked my transition to an advocate for Auction Market Theory, allowing me to adopt a more integrated approach to Market Profile. This holistic perspective on market dynamics has not only shaped my trading strategies but also distinguished my approach from conventional TPO-based trading methodologies.

Bridging Theory and Practice: The Role of Setups

Behavioral Parameters and Market Setups: The essence of Market Profile and Auction Market Theory lies in their ability to decode the market through behavioral patterns.

These patterns, though universally applicable, are heavily reliant on the specific context in which they occur. The strategic application of these setups—ranging from identifying buying tails to effectively leveraging the 80% rule—underscores the importance of behavioral analysis in crafting successful trading strategies.

Each setup offers a unique insight into market behavior, serving as a pivotal tool for traders seeking to navigate the complexities of the market with precision and confidence.

You can find more on these trading setups at-

some more trading setups are explained at –

The Essence of Context in Trading

Understanding Context: The initial recognition of behavioral patterns in the market represents only the beginning of a trader’s journey. The true mastery of Market Profile trading lies in the ability to discern the context surrounding these patterns. This nuanced understanding of behavior within its proper context is what enables traders to formulate nearly flawless trading strategies.

Strategies such as the nuanced application of the Failed Auction setup or the contextual relevance of the 80% rule in specific market conditions exemplify the critical role of context in trading.

A Glimpse into the Vtrender Mentoring Room (VMR)

Leveraging Experience for Enhanced Trading: The Vtrender Mentoring Room is where theory meets practice, enabling traders to apply their knowledge in real-time market scenarios. This platform is not merely a space for analysis; it is a community where traders, guided by collective experience, refine their decision-making skills.

Here, participants engage with live market data, discussing and strategizing over actionable trading opportunities. The trading room embodies our commitment to not just understand the market but to actively navigate its fluctuations with informed strategies.

A more detailed understanding of the VMR is at –

Paying Homage to Pioneers and Embracing Continuous Learning

Influences and Evolving Strategies: My approach to Market Profile has been profoundly influenced by trading pioneers such as Pete and Jim. Their groundbreaking work laid the foundation for my exploration of VWAP and OrderFlow, tools that have become integral to my trading strategy over the past decade. This journey of continuous learning and adaptation reflects the ever-evolving nature of the market. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining an open mindset, one that is receptive to new ideas and strategies that can enhance our trading practice.

Preparing for the Market: A Daily Ritual

Daily Preparation and Analysis

Each trading day begins with an in-depth analysis of the previous session’s activities. This routine involves a detailed examination of day types, volume, and range, allowing us to anticipate potential market movements. Our analysis, freely shared on the blog, serves as a foundational resource for traders preparing for the day ahead. By systematically breaking down the market’s behavior, we equip ourselves with the insights needed to navigate the day’s trading landscape with greater confidence and strategic foresight.

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The Power of a Live Trading Community

Hosting a live community in our Vtrender Mentoring Room, we delve into the intricacies of Market Profile and OrderFlow, providing a platform for dynamic exchange and learning. This closed group fosters a focused environment for dedicated trading discussions. The charts we use for trading everyday can be found at

Conclusion: Embracing the Present for Future Trading Success

Market Profile: A Tool for the Present: Market Profile transcends prediction, focusing instead on a profound understanding of the present market state. This clarity is the first step in strategic trading, where informed decisions pave the way for future success.

Beyond MarketProfile a more detailed tool is now available to traders which can show the actual demand and supply in the market to the very last second in which trade happened. This is called Orderflow trading. you can know more about Orderflow at