Nifty daily stats ( 1 )

Here are some stats on the daily movement of everyone's favorite trading instrument- The Nifty.


If you are an intra day trader or carry positions at STBT or BTST then you need to look at these charts again.


The charts are smoothed using an SMA to 3 to even out the data.


The charts are from July 2011 to April 2012 and envelop in a 9 month trading range.


Nifty average daily High- Low range :



The highest range has seldom exceeded 110 points. The low of the range has been around 40 points.This is the High to the Low range for the day


Nifty average daily volume :



The average daily volume traded is around 19 million . We monitor this figure in the trading room to look for OTF ( Other/ Longer time frame) activity.


Close- Open stat :



Gaps ups have done about 50 points on the higher side whereas gap downs have done about 60. There have been far more gap downs than gap ups.


Close- Previous Close :



The difference between two successive closes has rarely been more than 60 points.


% change in closes :



The same chart as above expressed in a percentage, where the % daily change is not more than 1 %.( from the previous day's close)


Open- close range :



This chart is the difference from the day open to the day close and needs to be seen separately from a chart posted above which is the difference between the highs and the lows of the day..


The consolidated excell sheets for all the above charts showing the Highest/ lowest/ average/ median and one standard deviation are at this link here :


Nifty daily statistics












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