Trading room 22/11

*** Shai **, Welcome to the Vtrender conference room! [08:44] r m: Good Morning folks! [08:58] Shai C: Gm all [09:04] Pasi C: GM all [09:04] Pasi C: Hi rm [09:08] r m: Hi Pasi [09:08] Pasi C: how r u rm [09:09] r m: fine Pasi [09:12] Pasi C: ok [09:15] Shai C: 5640 […]

Prime Levels

The Prime levels are updated in a sheet periodically by us .   The link is here-   You can also access it through the today page and the link is open to all.   The prime levels are made on the last big auction in the markets and is independent of clock time […]