Trading room 22/11

*** Shai **, Welcome to the Vtrender conference room!
[08:44] r m: Good Morning folks!
[08:58] Shai C: Gm all
[09:04] Pasi C: GM all
[09:04] Pasi C: Hi rm
[09:08] r m: Hi Pasi
[09:08] Pasi C: how r u rm
[09:09] r m: fine Pasi
[09:12] Pasi C: ok
[09:15] Shai C: 5640 spot next big ref level in nifty
[09:17] Shai C: possibility of an OAOR
[09:17] Shai C: though move away from pdh is not big
[09:17] Shai C: watch pdh and vah for continuation of upside momentum
[09:20] Shai C: sbi
[09:25] Shai C: BN and NF are opp in delta today
[09:33] Shai C: BN has gone parabolic
[09:45] Shai C: NF is in the upper distribution of the DD we are tracking
[09:46] Shai C: range is 5620- 5660 for the DD
[10:06] Rahul G: shai is the excel sheet updated
[10:06] Shai C: yes
[10:08] Shai C: usdinr at day high
[10:11] Rahul G: shai though the USDINR is going up but the delta is red
[10:20] Shai C: It means sellers coming at higher levels
[10:25] Shai C: axis bank leading gains on BN today
[10:26] Shai C: us markets are closed today for the thanksgiving holiday
[10:30] Rahul G: is the OF blue in USD INR
[10:30] Rahul G: also shai I have send a twitter request for v2of
[10:31] Rahul G: can u accept it
[10:31] Shai C: ok rahul
[10:31] Rahul G: thanks
[10:31] Shai C: OF was sell below 55.05
[10:31] Rahul G: can a short in USR INR taken
[10:32] Shai C: a proper swing sell is below 55.07 which is a composite bal for the past 5 days
[10:32] Shai C: you can also sell near 55.32 with stops abv 55.45
[10:33] Shai C: tgt below 55.07 is 54.85
[10:33] Shai C: bigger breakdown only below 54.87 which can give 54.20
[10:38] Rahul G: ok thanks
[10:40] Shai C: Minor changes made to futures daily notes
[10:40] Shai C: silver, crude, NG modified
[10:40] Shai C:
[10:45] Rahul G: shia even for USD INR it is not correct i feel
[10:45] Rahul G: should be 55.25 as pr1
[10:45] Rahul G: shai* sorry
[10:57] Shai C: was not updated here.
[10:57] Shai C: will update
[11:03] Shai C: levels updated now on screen
[11:07] Rahul G: shai can we take shorts nw
[11:07] Rahul G: below vah and pdh
[11:11] Shai C: vah is still down
[11:12] Shai C: yes in NF sell below 5616 with stop vah
[11:25] Shai C:
[11:25] Shai C: SBI has moved in past 10 mins
[11:25] Shai C: day high now
[11:59] Rahul G: shai if possible crude charts
[12:00] Shai C: sure
[12:00] Shai C: USDINR through value area
[12:00] Shai C: 80 %
[12:10] Rahul G: shai sbi is strong
[12:12] Shai C: there;s old res at 2107 and 2125 in sbi
[12:12] Shai C: fut levels
[12:12] Shai C: supp is 2082- 2078
[14:08] Shai C: Nf trying to break abv
[14:09] Shai C: but spot still under 5640
[14:17] Shai C: 5650 NF has huge volumes
[14:55] Shai C: back into IB
[14:56] r m: neutral center maybe
[14:56] Shai C: yes
[14:58] Shai C: BN is visibly tired as it completes a normal distribution
[15:04] Shai C: NF high at 5658 is a triple top
[15:04] Shai C: [09:46] Shai C: range is 5620- 5660 for the DD
[15:05] Shai C: stayed in the DD and upper distribution
[15:05] Shai C: tomorrow's move away from this balance decides the series
[15:11] Shai C: BN has taken the position at center 🙂
[15:15] r m: NF following the leader 🙂
[15:18] Shai C: should come back to 11555
[15:18] Shai C: 5635 is day centre in nf
[15:19] Shai C: 11555 is vwap/ dpoc as well as day centre
[15:25] Shai C: only sellers at the close
[15:25] Shai C: nothing in green
[15:25] Shai C: was at white vwap band to be fair
[15:25] Shai C: so came back to orange
[15:30] Shai C: 11549/ 5640
[15:30] Shai C: Bye all
[15:31] r m: Thanks & bye all, have a great evening 🙂
[15:31] Rahul G: shai u thr
[15:31] Rahul G: just one thing
[15:31] Shai *: Yes Rahul
[15:31] Rahul G: sometime back in the charts ther were number of buyers and sellers
[15:32] Rahul G: also being mentioned
[15:32] Rahul G: I mean in the ticks
[15:32] Shai *: on the chart?
[15:32] Rahul G: yup
[15:32] Rahul G: like in crude at 4848 it would show the number of buyers and number of sellers also
[15:33] Shai *: We can pick that up based on the bar
[15:33] Rahul G: ok
[15:33] Shai *: anytime we see an algo we dod that
[15:34] Rahul G: ok
[15:34] Shai *: but now with the dwlta tab above it is visible as buyer or seller
[15:34] Rahul G: shai can u plz confirm the twitter request
[15:34] Shai *: *Delta
[15:35] Shai *: Sorry abt that. skipped my mind
[15:35] Shai *: done that now