BankNifty Inside day Profile study

  We had an inside day in the bankNifty yesterday.   As per RM's detailed studies on the subject, an inside day in the BNF can quickly give 100 points in the next session on a break of range and value.   Let's look at the 2 day chart:     This is a 10 […]

Nifty inside day ( expected move)

We had an inside day in NF on Monday. An inside day is when the last session is within the range of the previous session.   Based on some stats made known by RM, we have calculated the range of the break to be 50 ND points and 100 BNF points.   The only question […]

OrderFlow and Profile of last week

Here's the orderflow and profile of Nifty and the banknifty for last week.       The major activity happened on tues based on the RBI news flow. and we had a balance developing on wednesday followed by a move lower from late thursday.   On friday the markets closed away from value and near […]

OrderFlow and Profile of last week

Here's the OrderFlow in Nifty and BankNifty from last week and the profile structure. As outlined in an earlier blog post, we continue to trade in a balance zone.       Banknifty :    

Day Type- BankNifty

  Chart above shows the various day types in the bankNifty spot based on daily closing prices.   NVAR is normal variation, Neut is neutral day, Neux is neutral extreme and NORM is normal day.   We had a trend day in the markets yesterday and a neutral extreme day today.   The neutral extreme […]

Nifty Composite Profile (updated)

Here's a small update to a chart I had posted at the end of last month.   In that post titled institutional activity we had noted the imbalance from 5650 levels with a view that it was ending at 5900 and a balance would begin.   That post is here-   Here's an updated […]

Trading room- 10/12

Trading room today :   *** Shai C, Welcome to the Vtrender conference room! [08:52] Shai C: GM all [09:04] Rahul G: GM shai [09:06] Shai C: Gm Rahul [09:07] Shai C: USDINR back to the spike lows 54.45 [09:12] Shai C: looks like a quite monday open [09:17] Girish D: GM folks! [09:18] Girish […]

Crude Oil MP chart

Crude Oil was in a state of balance from 20/ 11 with a lower range at 4800 approx.     On thursday last it broke through and trended down in a 120 point move.   Thereafter it auctioned  in the lower region of a previous HVN from 8th November profile ( purple line).   The […]

Market Profile – Last week and lookahead ( Nifty)

Last week was a very interesting week in the markets and if you are a student of Market profile, the charts showed all the different auctions working through the course of the week.   Some of the moves were event driven, but charts do not lie and at the end of the day a look […]

Orderflow charts with last few alerts

Here are the OrderFlow charts of Nifty, BankNifty , and Crude   The purpose is just to illustrate a trend in the instrument .   Nifty :     BankNifty :     Crude :