Trading room- 10/12

Trading room today :


*** Shai C, Welcome to the Vtrender conference room!
[08:52] Shai C: GM all
[09:04] Rahul G: GM shai
[09:06] Shai C: Gm Rahul
[09:07] Shai C: USDINR back to the spike lows 54.45
[09:12] Shai C: looks like a quite monday open
[09:17] Girish D: GM folks!
[09:18] Girish D: Lots of 6100CEs added to OI on Fri
[09:18] Girish D: Abt 15L. So there might be some run after them?
[09:22] Shai C: 6100?
[09:23] Girish D: yes Shai.
[09:23] Shai C: 5944 is the 2011 high on the spot
[09:23] Girish D: The current OI in calls is maximum @6000 and 6100.
[09:24] Shai C: there may be a big covering drive if we close abv that high
[09:25] Girish D: Makes sense
[09:26] Girish D: Shai – I have very strong feeling about Crude either bouncing from current levels or tanking. My guess is based on current level where it has consolicated for the past 2 months – in a $5 range
[09:27] Shai C: I see 4742 as the minumum for a bounce
[09:27] Shai C: in crude
[09:28] Girish D: My crude analysis of CRUDE – definitely pun intened
[09:28] Girish D: πŸ™‚
[09:29] Shai C: good one
[09:33] Girish D: Shai – I thought you might like this one.
[09:35] Girish D: This charts shows the inverse ETF assests being at lowest of last 4 years and ES being close to highs of last 4 yrs
[09:35] Girish D: So definite case of complacency in US markets
[09:42] Shai C: delta improving in NF
[09:43] Shai C: Take NF shorts below 5920 only
[09:45] Shai C: usdinr delta also good
[09:45] Girish D: Big green delta in INR
[10:00] Dr B: shai,Qnt trade is open.
[10:02] Girish D: Dr. B – you still have your CRUDE long position?
[10:02] Shai C: Quant was closed on friday
[10:03] Dr B: i did not received any message.
[10:03] Girish D: what is Quant?
[10:03] Dr B: should I exit now?
[10:05] Shai C: yes please do at cmp
[10:05] Shai C: exit sms was also sent at 3.15 on friday
[10:06] Shai C: Girish we have a Quant Pair system of trade now
[10:07] Girish D: Thanks. I will check the link
[10:09] Shai C: for some reason the link was not appearing here
[10:10] Dr B: shai,exited quant at cmp.
[10:11] Shai C: green delta apppearing again at 593-
[10:11] Dr B: last friday i was wating for yor message,but did not received.
[10:12] Shai C: will check at my end also
[10:27] Shai C: delta beginning to sjow in NF
[10:27] Dr B: I want SMS message along with email for effective entry/exit.
[10:27] Girish D: Shai – slow or show?
[10:27] Dr B: in quant.
[10:28] Shai C: Is sent everytime. have sent a mail to the provider for friday's confirmation
[10:28] Shai C: Girish "show"
[10:28] Girish D: Thanks.
[10:28] Shai C: When mkts are balanced, most times delta shows the path
[10:29] Shai C: vah should come on this new 80 %
[10:29] Girish D: BN des 80%
[10:30] Shai C: and does not show new buyers at vah
[10:30] Dr B: Shai,I am long in crude since friday,your views ?
[10:31] Shai C: DR, bigger upmove is abv 4741
[10:31] Shai C: 4743 actually, and tgt would be 4802/ 4860
[10:32] Shai C: If you are long already keep stop at 4670 or
[10:32] Dr B: or?
[10:34] Shai C: 4694 very aggressive
[10:35] Shai C: 4715 to 4742 will also be a trade with a 10 point stop- small qty
[10:36] Shai C: back in 15 mins
[10:53] Girish D: test – when I type the message is not going into chat window
[10:53] Girish D: seems ok now
[10:54] r m: Good Morning folks! Busy in NTA (non trading activities!) for two days, just dropped in to say hello πŸ™‚
[10:55] Girish D: Hi RM!
[10:55] r m: Hi Girish πŸ™‚
[10:55] r m: Bye folks! πŸ™‚
[10:55] Girish D: Market has been listless till now, Probably was waiting for you to show up πŸ™‚
[10:55] r m: πŸ˜€
[10:56] r m: will join back on wednesday πŸ™‚
[10:56] Girish D: Enjoy ur break and NTAs πŸ™‚
[10:57] Janak G: NG is at a point where it can give 15 up or 15 down
[10:58] Girish D: GM JG! My sight is all on crude right now. NG too has been in range till now
[10:59] Janak G: i think mkt will correct to 5850-5800 before santa rally
[10:59] Janak G: gm gd
[11:00] Janak G: rm is busy in Gujarat elections πŸ˜‰
[11:00] Girish D: πŸ™‚
[11:00] Girish D: JG – u have position crude?
[11:01] Janak G: no gd
[11:02] Janak G: 6100ce + 5800pe at 40 is a good buy?
[11:12] Shai C: Crude Oil MP chart posted .
[11:12] Shai C: link in announcemnts
[11:13] Dr B: thanks,shai.
[11:14] Girish D: Thanks Shai – nice analysis/chart
[11:19] Shai C: MW πŸ™‚
[11:19] Shai C: The retail sector should be abuzz with news flow today
[11:19] Shai C: But haven't heard a lot
[11:26] Girish D: Shai – seems like sell the news is what might happen?
[11:26] Girish D: Go Crude!
[11:30] Shai C: No I was thinking in terms of tie-ups etc
[11:30] Shai C: who will take a share in which indian company
[11:31] Shai C: Some of these indian guys will be rubbing their hands in glee
[11:31] Girish D: May be that will be the next level of news coming in following weeks
[11:31] Shai C: BNF back from vah on that red delta
[11:31] Shai C: yes
[11:31] Girish D: I read somewhere that IKEA will start opening stores in India soon
[11:32] Shai C: and carrrefour too
[12:07] Shai C: Mkt holding in the value area of friday
[12:07] Shai C: No big moves
[12:08] Shai C: see 5915 as an important level in this consolidation-
[12:09] Shai C: Profile chart of NF was updated last night
[12:33] Girish D: Sleepy market..
[12:58] Shai C: NF / bn putting in another balance
[13:08] Janak G: shai comp chart of NG for a min pl
[13:08] Janak G: looks like it is gearing up for a big move in the evening
[13:17] Girish D: JG – do you trade comms with RKG or Zerodha?
[13:21] Shai C: NG- [10:14] Shai C: 190.42 is support now
[13:21] Shai C: NG-[10:15] Shai C: 195.52 res
[13:22] Janak G: rkg
[13:22] Shai C: Probabale trade is a gap fill in NG
[13:22] Shai C: One can also take a long abv IBH in NG for 2IB
[13:23] Girish D: Today's IB is so small that it can be covered with 3 candles in BN and 2 in nifty !
[13:24] Shai C: the only caveat in NG is that it is an open high and at some time the seller will come back again
[13:25] Shai C: BNF turn to get green delta now
[13:59] Janak G: mkt can retrace the entire upmove?
[14:04] Shai C: mkt is in a thin range creating whipsaws
[14:16] Rahul G: shai sometime back you gave a buy in silver abover 63100
[14:16] Rahul G: is that still valid for today
[14:24] Girish D: I think after having pretty eventful days last 2 weeks, the market is just trying to calm down this week
[14:29] Girish D: In RM's words –  "The Large OF in Nifty is as flat a a ruler"
[14:34] Shai C: lol
[14:34] Shai C: Rahul let me check the chart again
[14:35] Shai C: yes 63109 was the LVN
[14:35] Shai C: sorry 63209
[14:36] Shai C: potential tgts are 63574/ 63900/ 64281
[14:36] Shai C: sl below 63800
[14:36] Shai C: 62800**
[14:36] Rahul G: okay thanks shai will check it out
[14:36] Rahul G: since the high today issomewht near by
[14:37] Rahul G: shai also wouldlike to know if u post the performance of quant  trade somewhere
[14:40] Shai C: Not updated for past month, but will do so
[14:40] Shai C: we have some good winners in quants, with the best part being the win loss ration which is about 95 % till date
[14:41] Shai C: *ratio
[14:41] Rahul G: hmm would like to see tht so asked
[14:42] Rahul G: plz if possible mail to you email group also
[14:51] Girish D: Ifs there some no more news coming up at 3:00pm today abt FDI or something else from Greece/Spain then the day might be closing as a nothing day //
[14:59] Janak G: tom might be a gap down and a tank
[15:00] Girish D: JG – need to watch for call/puts added today. On Friday there were 15L @6100CEs addded. And currently the OI of 6000Ce + 6100CE is much higher than 5900PE + 5800PEs
[15:00] Girish D: So today's data along with a balanced profile might give some clue on tomorrow's possible move
[15:06] Shai C: 6100 ce reducing today
[15:06] Shai C: eod watch will be good
[15:11] Girish D: I am getting lots of positional calls from RKG today for long in several Banks. Brokers started luring retail into trading as Nifty approaches previous highs?
[15:15] Janak G: since everyone is bullish abt 6100/6300 – mkt will expire at 5500 – 500 pt move is awaited
[15:16] Girish D: JG – from last 3 years I have notcied that the year ends the way it begins.
[15:17] Girish D: Of course its not a rule and there are exceptions but I feel it has to do with positions taken by big funds/FIIs
[15:17] Janak G: remember this year, post diwali crash did not happen
[15:18] Girish D: true.
[15:18] Janak G: es in a mood to tank tonight?
[15:18] Shai C: In banks today the big players are the worst performers
[15:18] Shai C: see icici, sbi, axis at the bottom in BN today
[15:19] Girish D: Shai – brokers are gicing calls for IDBI, INDIAN BANK, VIJAYABANK ..
[15:20] Shai C: yes those are the big movers today
[15:21] Girish D: May be rest of the market catching up and will push MO higer ?
[15:26] Shai C: axis, kotak, sbi, yes, hdfc, axis in bottom 6 today
[15:27] Shai C: top 6 are ktk, orioent, dena, vijaya, federal and union
[15:27] Shai C: in banking sector today
[15:29] Shai C: if the bottom 6 get up tomorrow, we have a big move in BN tom
[15:29] Janak G: es will take the entire globe down tom morning πŸ˜‰
[15:29] Janak G: no one is going to get up till 20th dec
[15:30] Shai C: some intra longs came out in NF
[15:30] Janak G: inr comes to life
[15:33] Girish D: Bye folks. I am hanging on to my Crude logn with a stop loss of 4702. Don't want to lose money on a hope trade..
[15:33] Girish D: My entry point from Friday is 4688