OrderFlow- Practical usage

  Much of how OrderFlow needs to be traded and the need for this great tool is found in an earlier post on this subject in November. I want to take this opportunity to re-emphasize the importance. Trend Indicators : The OrderFlow is the Buying and selling of the market. It is the auction theory […]

OrderFlow- A conservative approach

  We have certain rules when we trade Order Flow and these rules have been taught to us by Market Profile. Following these rules keep you on the right side of the auction process, in itself a parameter for successful intra day trading. Just To Recap : 1) Buyers will always buy every dip above […]

OrderFlow Knowledge Base

    This post intends to describe the the system of trading we employ at Vtrender, the larger theory behind it and ways to understand it to generate maximum profits for us as traders.We also take a look at the Prime Pivot system of trading we employ to book profits.   System of Trading : […]

Trading room charts explained

Trading room charts This post is a brief write-up to new subscribers to understand the charts in the Trading Room.We would urge you to be patient as you go through this material as you represent today, a very small minority of the trading community who uses such charts ( the edge in the markets is […]


Vtrender is a very effective system and Shai with his clarity and experience of market is always there for guidance. Excellent market players like kris, girish, vinod, rm, sunita and all others make this room a place to learn a lot about the market. Shai, please continue improving your system – I wish to be […]


“Trading is an art. You need apprenticeship to be successful here. Every one speaks about the superior Order Flow Trading system adopted at Vtrender. For me, the trading room, where some very successful traders share their knowledge and observations and almost make you walk through the market – is a life changing experience.” Regards, .

Vinod Kumar

My association with V-trender began around March 2010 and it has been a great experience trading through the very innovative ideas exchanged and helping to understand the ground realities of trading. The two most important edges of the many edges I gained with my association with V-trender has been: 1) Disciplined trading. 2) Ability to […]


Before subscribing toyour site, there was no edge in my trading. It was as predictable as a cointoss. Your trading system gave me the much required edge in terms of preciseentry and exit, discipline in terms of tight stop losses and money managementand your continuous support resulted in more profitable trades than loss makingones. This […]


Always in dreams thought of a unbiased  friendly well wishing trading community with social responsibilities.. Got it because of Vtrender room ..dreams came true..   On MP-shifting to volume profile was the best decision-people hear about algo trading , we see them, track them , kill them .


First off I want mention that what I can say in just few sentences can’t describe what’s the real value of Vtrender for me. But here’s an attempt: I have been a member of Vtrender right from day one and its been an exciting journey of learning and earning in markets. What amazes me the […]