First off I want mention that what I can say in just few sentences can’t describe what’s the real value of Vtrender for me. But here’s an attempt:

I have been a member of Vtrender right from day one and its been an exciting journey of learning and earning in markets. What amazes me the fact that at Vtrender innovation just doesn’t stop. We had Amibroker charts first, then Quotetracker candlestick, Quotetracker PNF, Investor RT PNF, Order flow in a different pane and finally we have the OF charts which I can definitely say that are the best eyes through which one can look at any market instrument.

And the the other valuable benefit of the trading room is the interaction with fellow traders and benefiting from their knowledge. Kris, RM, Viond, Janak, Manu, CS, Jigs, SN, Moh and quite a few others whom I am very tankful in making trading a lively task that I can wake up and look forward to every morning..