Levels and Plan for 31st Oct

For the second month in a row the expiry session was anything but dull and produced a 114 point move this time in the upward direction as the market finished the series at the higher end of the range

OrderFlow charts and Notes 30/10/14

    General Chat Transcript   Room Name: Vtrender Date and Time: October 30, 2014 08:48:16 [08:56]   r m : Good Morning folks! [08:56]   r m : http://vtrender.com/levels-and-plan-for-30th-oct/ [08:56]   Clay : gm all [08:56]   r m : http://vtrender.com/premium/orderflow-charts-and-notes-2910/ [08:56]   Porus : GM [08:57]   r m : BNF Hypo1 Below […]

Levels and Plan for 30th Oct

Another Neutral day in the markets and an exact repeat of Tuesday’s auction as the dip did not get new sellers and the market closed at day highs.

OrderFlow charts and Notes 29/10

  General Chat Transcript   Room Name: Vtrender Date and Time: October 29, 2014 09:22:54 [08:53]   r m : Good Morning folks! [08:53]   Porus : GM [08:53]   Clay : gm [08:54]   r m : http://vtrender.com/levels-and-plan-for-29th-oct/ [08:55]   r m : http://vtrender.com/premium/orderflow-charts-and-notes-2810/ [08:55]   r m : NF Hypo1 Above 8053➜8082➜8111(Stop below […]

Levels and Plan for 29th Oct

Yesterday’s shorts gave up today in the Nifty creating a short covering move in the second part of the session even as traders adjusted exposure to the twin issues of the FED outcome and the October expiry scheduled on thursday

OrderFlow charts and Notes 28/10

    General Chat Transcript   Room Name: Vtrender Date and Time: October 28, 2014 09:21:14 [08:51]   r m : Good Morning folks! [08:51]   r m : http://vtrender.com/levels-and-plan-for-28th-oct/ [08:52]   r m : http://vtrender.com/premium/orderflow-charts-and-notes-271014/ [08:52]   r m : NF Hypo1 Short in range 8011-8030➜7992➜7934 (Stop 8043) Hypo2 Above 8053➜8082➜8111 (Stop 8020) [08:53] […]

Levels and Plan for 28th Oct

The first day of the week saw a rise in IV’s across the board as traders prepared for the outcome of the FED meet later this week and the October settlement. It’s all about managing the inventory and risk as traders looked like they are pruning long positions today

OrderFlow charts and Notes 27/10/14

  General Chat Transcript   Room Name: Vtrender Date and Time: October 27, 2014 09:19:06 [08:49]   r m : Good Morning folks! [08:49]   r m : http://vtrender.com/levels-and-plan-for-27th-oct/ [08:50]   Porus : GM [08:50]   Sharad : GM all [08:50]   r m : NF HypoAbove 8022➜8056➜8082➜8112 (Stop 7989)Below 7988➜7962➜7932 [08:51]   r m […]

Levels and Plan for 27th Oct

Last week we had a V shaped recovery  and a 61.8% retracement of the fall which gave us a close in an area which would make both the existing shorts and the new longs tentative about the coming week which has a FED meet and an expiry session and a monthly close.   Our strategy […]

Levels and Plan for 22/10/14

Finally shorts relented today in the Nifty F, some of them booked and the index closed above 7920 . For the second straight day the dip was aggressively bought as sellers got pushed into a corner.