Evening Market Profile report dated 17th Sept

A drive down from the open in  Nifty futures closed the door for bulls hoping for a rise above 11550 F very early in the session. But there was evidence of the seller returning on Friday and we had seen attempts at responsive selling first at 11480 and later at 11547 as the session ground […]

Order Flow charts dated 17th Sept

Trading order flow allows a trader to see the specific price where a trade has hit the market, along with the volume of that trade. This information is extremely valuable and allows a trader to generate substantial revenue by using this information to trade. Market participants often look for the weaker side of the market, […]

Market Profile charts dated 17th Sept

A “market profile” presents a number of basic elements from the market in an easily understood graphic format , when analyzed properly. The Market Profile offers a charting approach that is markedly different than bar or candlestick charts, which have been used historically to graph market activity. When you trade with Market Profile, you in […]