BankNifty OrderFlow

The Bank Nifty OrderFlow has been fine-tuned to reduce whipsaws and maximise gains.

In good trending environments, the blue-red orderflow is emerging as a highly reliable indicator with min price profits of over 50 points on change of color with 90 % efficiency.

Attached is the screen shot for the last 8 days.

Bank Nifty Of Banknifty Orderflow

The basics remain the same.

Trade the red-blue OrderFlow in trending markets, with a blue confirmed by price over VWAP and red by price below VWAP. Use value areas to add or reduce the trades.

In good trending markets of the non-rotational types, the signals have been reduced to not more than 3.

I feel the notes from Vtrender- 2 and the orderflow signals when combined together should increase the risk-reward ratios for your trades and put you onto some high profitable set-ups.