Changes in posts on the blog

At Vtrender, we are in the middle of some far-reaching changes most of which are geared to bring us the maximum value in terms of trade returns for the information we analyse.


Our focus is to bring out the best of the concepts of MarketProfile for our live community at Omnovia in the trading room. This community is now also at Slack where we intend to continue discussions not always possible with the pressures of a moving market. We are happy to have with us “Alerto” our newage bot who reads the charts for us and delivers us actionable advice straight from them.


We do also shoulder a large responsibility to you our dear readers on the blog, many of you new to Market Profile or the market itself  and would endeavor to put the best information for you on the blog as well, and as  before. The regular blog posts would continue as usual and periodic inputs would be posted with charts more frequently than before.However, there are some changes we are doing to serve the interest of our private community better..

a) We will stop putting out our hypo levels in the public domain. The levels become a property of Vtrender Live and will now be posted on Slack instead.

b) It would also mean the weekly update post would be now under “premium”

c) To compensate …the ” Consolidated OrderFlow..” charts will now be open to all and a quick read should allow you to pick levels from it easily.


We are committed to our Market Profile community on the Other Side which we fondly call Vtrender Live. We have invested in Trading room technology and the best in class Trading Software and Data to deliver the very best, along with a continuous investment in the process.

We would be happy to see most of you there and experience for yourself in real time the concepts we speak about here, work out.

Membership starts at only INR 5600/- per month and am sure when you step on to the other side of the Paywall you won’t be disappointed. Visit for more