Chat box- 15/11

*** Shai **, Welcome to the Vtrender conference room!
[08:48] r m: Good Morning folks!
[08:49] Shai C: Gm all
[08:49] Shai C: Gm RM πŸ™‚
[08:49] r m: Hi Shai πŸ™‚
[08:57] Shai C: Mumbai filled with rumors on the health of the sena chief
[08:57] Shai C: at least a 3 day forced shutdown feared
[09:02] Shai C: usdinr flat open
[09:09] Shai C: seeing usdinr makes me feel that most big funds still on holiday
[09:09] Shai C: and we may have a quite 2 sessions here
[09:10] Shai C: on the spot we have 5637-5644 as supports
[09:11] Shai C: an entry and movement back into 5670 may halt the correction
[09:11] Shai C: 5670+ spot price
[09:19] G D: GM bahilog!
[09:19] G D: BN/Nifty experiencing post Diwali blues.. we may be reds!
[09:21] G D: Couple of days back Janak and I had bought BN close to lows at 11480-11490. Looks like those levels might noe hold today
[09:22] r m: Hi Girish πŸ™‚
[09:25] Shai C: responsive buying in BN
[09:27] Janak G: this diwali – the trend of sell-off shd reverse.?
[09:28] Shai C: only time will tell πŸ™‚
[09:28] Janak G: yes but on VT, time = shai πŸ™‚
[09:29] Shai C: fundamentally speaking this rally is on UPA 2's reforms rally
[09:29] Shai C: any setbacks in parliament next week, the mkts will not like
[09:29] Janak G: what does swing theory suggest shai?
[09:30] G D: GM RM, Shai and JG
[09:30] Shai C: short till 5727 spot is brken again
[09:30] Janak G: ok
[09:30] Shai C: Gm GD
[09:30] Janak G: gm gd – saal mubarak, happy bhai bij :
[09:31] G D: JG – you too!
[09:31] G D: Shai – what's the next level to look for in BN if day low is taken out?
[09:32] Shai C: GD 11325 on the spot, cmp is 11460
[09:33] G D: Thanks Shai
[09:33] G D: RM – I remember you mentioning 9:40am was the time when Friday high was made. Sometimes these times have to be watched for..
[09:34] r m: yes Girish, Kris and Shai have often spoken about that
[09:34] Janak G: bn spot / future – 50 pts diff?
[09:34] G D: JG – that has been there since last week too
[09:34] r m: sirjee 20 point to NF mein bhee hai πŸ™‚
[09:35] Janak G: does it indicate anything? i.e. bullish/bearish undertone?
[09:36] Janak G: 515-545  – 30 pts in bn on platter, anyone?
[09:36] r m: it indicates "rassi jal gayee, bal nahin gaye" πŸ˜€
[09:36] G D: RM – lol
[09:36] Janak G: lol
[09:37] Janak G: gd, got on at 515 with few hundreds
[09:37] G D: JG – today we should watch for lows to be made at EU open. I would expect selling to continue and make lower lows than 11480 .. just my guess though
[09:37] Janak G: booking at 545
[09:38] Janak G: i am expecting a trend-reversal – the mkt is to turn bullish
[09:38] Janak G: FIIs have played a beautiful mind game so far
[09:39] G D: hmm.. ES is the only thing that looks ugly on charts right now. May even head to its ever favorite 1257 level
[09:42] Janak G: ok gd 515-545 done – descent morning to start with bn and 30 pts – going out for a byte and cuppa tea – c u later – do i look like a confident disciple of shai master now ? πŸ™‚
[09:42] G D: cool!
[09:42] Shai C: cool indeed πŸ™‚
[09:42] Shai C: the only problem with values today is that they are for an hour of trading
[09:43] r m: @Janak, congrats man πŸ™‚
[09:43] Shai C: on tuesday
[09:43] Janak G: till i come back – let the sky fall πŸ˜‰
[09:43] r m: don't worry, we'll hold the sky till you come back πŸ˜€
[09:43] Janak G: [09:36] Janak G: 515-545  – 30 pts in bn on platter, anyone?
[09:43] Janak G: the wish was granted in 7 min flat
[09:44] Shai C: mcdowell's is still going up
[09:44] Shai C: 1940 now
[09:44] G D: Shai – the deal price was close to 1400s is what I read but may be I didn't understand the whole story
[09:45] Shai C: yes and media followed the story from about 800 in may
[09:45] Shai C: so that's 800 to 1940 in 5 months
[09:47] Shai C: the mkt is going higher to attract more sellers
[09:47] Shai C: not many down there at the gap
[09:48] r m: folks are not yet ready to get duped πŸ˜€
[10:16] Rahul G: hello all GM
[10:16] Rahul G: shai can u zoom in the USD iNR chart
[10:17] Shai C: sure
[10:17] r m: Hi Rahul πŸ™‚
[10:17] Rahul G: Hello rm
[10:18] Rahul G: GM happy new year and happy bhai dooj to all out here
[10:21] r m: Thanks Rahul, wishing the same to you too πŸ™‚
[10:34] Shai C: Wish you the same Rahul πŸ™‚
[10:34] Shai C: USDINR continues down
[10:35] Shai C: gap not closed in NF still
[10:35] Shai C: think if we get to 5669- 5674 NF we should get more sellers
[10:53] Janak G: nikke 1.63% up, all else in red!
[10:54] Shai C: japan has some election related announcemts
[10:54] Shai C: think on dec 15
[10:55] Shai C: no new sellers but no big short covering either
[10:56] Shai C: or new buying
[10:56] Shai C: watching spot for the morning ref line of 5637
[10:56] Shai C: has failed to go abv it
[10:57] Shai C: [09:10] Shai C: on the spot we have 5637-5644 as supports
[10:57] Shai C: in which case spot should see 5608/ 5596
[10:57] Shai C: cmp 5616
[11:00] Janak G: no way to have spot values on the charts shai?
[11:05] Shai C: MP charts have spot values now
[11:07] Janak G: where?
[11:11] Shai C: bottom pane
[11:11] Shai C: right
[11:12] Janak G: ?
[11:13] Janak G: include in that box?
[11:15] Shai C: hlco?
[11:15] Janak G: yes
[11:15] Janak G: it wud be good
[11:15] Janak G: if u can
[11:17] Shai C: ok will see if that can be done
[11:18] Shai C: today is also a bank holiday??
[11:18] Janak G: ok. once u do that, we will ask for hi, low, open for spot also πŸ˜‰
[11:19] r m: ungli pakadte pakadte … πŸ˜€
[11:19] Janak G: baaki farmaish dehradoon se :
[12:55] Shai C: aggressive longs in Nifty with a  stop at 5608 fut . cmp 5633. tgt 5671
[13:47] Shai C: NF at IBL and BN near IBH
[14:01] Shai C: Nf awaits a cross into IB
[14:30] Shai C: Nf will see day shorts cover at 5652
[14:31] Shai C: should drive it to 5670 then
[14:33] Shai C: If you are long in NF book 50 % here or trail sl to 5632
[14:38] G D: GA all!
[14:39] r m: Good Afternon Girish πŸ™‚
[14:45] Shai C: 5652 was here
[14:57] Shai C: BNF showed relative strength today
[14:59] Shai C: Expecting spx to show a little strength today
[15:00] Shai C: yesterday the mkt got too short near the close
[15:00] Shai C: a move abv 1368 cash should bring 1382
[15:01] Shai C: I would expect NF to trade the gap tomorrow
[15:14] Shai C: usdinr comes near the 54.87 level
[15:14] Shai C: a break below 54.87 should probabaly confirm the end of this leg up
[15:21] Shai C: 2 gaps remain in the nifty in the 5650- 5670 zone of spot
[15:22] Shai C: one was made end of oct and one made today
[15:26] Shai C: good delta at the lows today
[15:27] r m: USDINR is going down with green delta!
[15:27] Shai C: yes
[15:27] r m: maybe some fireworks after equity close?
[15:28] Pasi C: fire works in commodities?rm
[15:28] Shai C: 5637/ 11540 imp spot levels tom
[15:28] Shai C: only a crossover can make bulls safe intra day tom
[15:28] r m: @Pasi, only USDINR, it flares up near close, but direction is unknown πŸ˜€
[15:29] Pasi C: o9h ok
[15:29] r m: bn wakes up in dying moments πŸ™‚
[15:29] Shai C: the level of 54.87 was part of a larger unfinished bal area
[15:29] r m: ok
[15:30] Shai C: diff auctions in NF and BNF today
[15:30] Pasi C: bye all
[15:30] Shai C: BN at highs
[15:30] r m: Thanks & bye folks, have a great evening πŸ™‚
[15:30] Shai C: Bye all
[17:06] Rahul G: shaai can u change crude to dec
[17:06] Rahul G: today expirt for crude
[17:12] Shai *: Ok rahul
[17:13] Shai *: Have changed the signals, but will change the display chart too
[17:20] Shai *: Crude chart is now DEC
[17:22] Rahul G: thanks
[21:12] Rahul G: shai are the pivot value for crude thr on the chart
[21:38] Shai *: @Rahul, levels added for crude
[21:38] Rahul G: thanks
[21:38] Rahul G: shai
[21:38] Rahul G: any advice on crude
[21:40] Shai *: Not intra today
[21:40] Shai *: but charts show 4746 holding up near term
[21:40] Rahul G: ok
[21:40] Shai *: I'll be a buyer abv 4813 for 4880
[21:42] Shai *: 4747 is also value low and thye 80 % can be attempted below vah with a 15 point stop