Dollar Index and Nifty

I have been looking at Dollar index vs Nifty for sometime, and in last 6 months  there has been some very good inverse correlation – When Dollar index rises, Nifty falls and when dollar index falls Nifty rises.

Dollar Index And Nifty
Dollar index has fallen around 10% from its peak in June. And Nifty has risen around 20% in that time frame. 

Dollar index can fall about 5% to its lows made last year – what does that mean for Nifty? If we go by past 3-4 months history, Nifty can rise to about 6660 levels!

Well – these are just projections. Doesn’t mean that has to happen. But never ignore such projections either!

Dollar index projection:
Dollar Index And Nifty
Nifty Projection:
Dollar Index And Nifty