EOD Update 22nd Sept

A higher than normal ATR is ensuring that we are getting good moves in the Nifty and the BN.

The Nifty’s ATR is a bit more than the BN currently and the 40 point swings we see in the NIfty may not end soon.

Chartofniftyu0 Nsf1 Eod Update 22Nd Sept

It’s a good day trade environment and if you are not quick in this market, you will be caught out for sure.

Chartofbankniftyu0 Nsf1 Eod Update 22Nd Sept

The BN traded within the range of yesterday and is currently in step 2 of the 3 step process. There may be a little more action in the BN tomorrow.

Trade light. Trade quick. We are expecting a lot of volatility in the six remaining sessions for this expiry.