Estimates for 28th July

GM all.

The nifty is again opened within value and range of yesterday.

The value areas are 5447-5435-5423 for the Nifty and for the Bank Nifty they are 10129-10072-10009.

In range bound markets, value areas are a definitive guide to the nimble trader.Use them.

I’m expecting one push to the 5465 region today. That will be possible only on a clean break of value high today.



Just to add to my comment on price and derivative of price..
Most of us will look at a price chart for a signal, then look at their fav indicator for a confirmation ( newbies do it the other way around).

The way I like to do it, is to read a signal and use price itself to confirm it.

As in BN view above, it is telling me it wants to go down, but I will again wait for price itself to give me that signal.