Fii’s in FnO- 24th March ’14

The Fii’s hit their max inventory level for a series in recent times  in trading the futures today and most likely we should see profit booking start from tomorrow in the futures segment



It’s my belief that the longs seen today numbering 54544 in index Futures were in the next series and the short addition of 22391 may be the current series.


The broader market added 46291 longs in the next series in the Nifty and 7593 contracts in the BNF next series contract.


They stuck to their policy of reducing long calls when they have added long index F and 15398 long call contracts were booked.


Short call and short put continued in the 1: 1 ratio and an average of 8667 contracts each were shorted in puts and calls.


Action should shift to Options for the rest of this expiry or tues and wednesday as we know that thursday they will reduce over 70% of this addition in March across the board.