FnO data of FII’s 27th March

Today was expiry day and has been pointed out yesterday was a liquidation orgy by Fii’s


Here’s the chart and the all red in the last row was what was pointed out and expected




Within the day today the FII’s liquidated


a) 210156 index longs

b) 102440 index shorts

c) 202138 long calls

d) 97588 short calls

e) 235023 long puts

f) 194547 short puts

g) 36643 long stock futures

h) 155703 short stock futures


All in a day’s work for them. As we have been pointing out it’s a well oiled machine at work perfectly hedged and churning out stupendous profits month after month.

And the numbers of the day read as


a) + 740 CR in Index futures

b) +284 CR in stock futures

c) +971 CR in index options


At the close of the series they decided to take to the next one 53983 long contracts, 57877 long calls and 70989 short puts.


The Index shorts made in the series have been covered as has been all CE shorts and long puts . Also stock future shorts made during the series have been covered.


So in effect what they are carrying to the next series from here is still a bullish handover even though there is visible skimming of profits.