Market Profile charts dated 21st Sept

A “market profile” presents a number of basic elements from the market in an easily understood graphic format, when analyzed properly.

The Market Profile offers a charting approach that is markedly different than bar or candlestick charts, which have been used historically to graph market activity. These charts are unique and different.

When you trade with Market Profile, you in effect get a new and more powerful way to view the base market data. This base data is price, time and volume.

Market Profile gives clarity to the volatility of the markets. If it is backed by volume, it’s shown to be a more significant movement or area. And Market Profile displays the exact levels where volume-backed volatility occurred.


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Market profile trading strategies work in all kinds of markets and across instruments and index futures and exchanges. This form of technical analysis is especially useful for Intraday trading and many intraday trading strategies can be worked around these methods. We use them for Nifty futures, BankNifty futures, bank nifty options, and Nifty options.

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